Blightfire Moors - The Serpent's Spine Leveling Guide

Blightfire Moors is one of the lower level zones added into the game with The Serpent's Spine expansion. After you reach level 20 or so in Crescent Reach you're expected to move on to this zone and you can stay here as late as level 45 if you wanted to, although EXP will slow down here a lot post 40.

If you're level 18 - 20 you'll want to hang around the western portion of the zone near the Crescent Reach zone line. Stick to hunting the rats and snakes until you reach level 20 - 22 (depends on your gear when you'll want to change camps) at which point you'll want to head south to the gnolls. These guys are a lot tougher than the snakes/rats so if you're struggling get some better gear or go back to the rats/snakes for a few more levels.

Stay at the gnolls until you hit level 25, an alternative to the gnolls is to hunt the lockjaw gators at either of the two lakes, the one north of the rats/snake game or the lake east of that camp closer to the hedge devils. Once you reach level 25 you'll want to make your way to the cats which are to the east of the gnolls.

The Slashclaw cats are a great hunting location until level 30 so long as you're careful when you pull and don't agro a whole bunch of them. The Slashclaw cats are mixed in with Slashclaw cubs, which are about 10 levels lower than the cats - making them easy prey. However, if you're not careful you could quickly find yourself in a situation with a regular level cat and three of its kitties. They might not hit hard, but they can still interrupt your spells.

Rats, Snakes, Gnolls & Cat Nameds:

Mossback (Snake): Cursed Marble (Aug), Ethershard Glass, Ichor Encrusted Chain Gloves, Ichor Encrused Hide Sleeves + Blightfire Armor Recipes

Plaguebringer (Rat): Ichor Encrusted Chain Gloves, Witchwood Staff

Ezzerak the Engineer (Gnoll): Ichor Encrusted Boots, Treantwood Mallet

Cliffstalker (Cat): Snake Spine Collar, Speak of Nokk


Once you reach level 30 you'll want to head to the eastern most portion of the zone near the Stone Hive zone line which is where you'll find... BEES!!!! Jokes aside this is honestly my favorite camp in the entire zone. In the northern portion of this area you can get about a dozen single pulls by pulling the wasps buzzing around the cocoons.

There's maybe only one or two pulls up north that two wasps come and I think a single pull where you can get three. Once you start to level up a bit and find yourself at 32/33 you can slowly start working your way south to the Stone Hive bees. These guys are a lot less spaced out and it's not uncommon to get double or triple pulls. Especially in the houses or on the farm stead, I'd recommend avoiding the buildings and farm unless you have a group.

You can stay at this location until level 35 - 37 if you wanted and I recommend you do, unless you'd like to go to Goru'kar Mesa or Stone Hive instead. The other camps in Blightfire Moors are not as good as this one in terms of mob density & difficulty. In the northern most part of the zone you have the gryphons which aren't too plentiful, but make decent hunting.

Then in the western most portion of Blightfire Moors you have the undead castle which will likely be too difficult for anything short of a full group.


(Level 35 +) Named Enemies in Blightfire Moors:

Thunderwood (Treant): Ring of Six Moons, Shield of the Dark Tower + Blightfire Armor Recipes

Skycore (Griffon): Gauntlets of the Watchtower, Mossy Stone (Aug) + Blightfire Armor Recipes



Additional Information

- You can reach Blightfire Moors by taking the stone in Plane of Knowledge marked Crescent Reach; or by traveling east in Crescent Reach to the Blightfire zone line. Additionally, Wizards and Druids can port here or you could take the Guild Hall or Goru'kar Mesa and travel south.

- Loop of the Ravaged and Havoc Loop are both zone wide rare drops from the enemies.

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