Gorge of King Xorbb - Classic Leveling Guide

Gorge of King Xorbb - Classic Leveling Guide

Low level players (10 - 15) will want to hang around the Runnyeye Citadel zone line incase things get hairy you'll be able to bail easily. The muddites here blind and run when low on health - they also have social agro with the other muddites. The blind they do is the most annoying part of fighting them since it makes you entire screen black.

The goblins are probably the easiest enemies to kill for lower level players just be careful you dont fight them around other goblins or minotaurs. Other goblins will help defend their ally and minotaurs will actually kill steal you!

Those interested in the Evil Eye camp, which is located by the large throne in the center of the zone will want to be levels 20 - 30. The Evil Eyes are pretty easy to kill if you can resist their charm. They drop Polished Bone Bracelets as well as a bit of plat in vendor trash from gems.


Additional Zone Information

- King Xorbb is a fairy tale and doesn't spawn at the throne in this zone (at least not on any live servers). - If you think he does please post proof in a comment below

- This zone was remade in the Rain of Fear expansion and can be accessed through a fear crystal in the northern part of the zone (not until that X-pac is unlocked) For more info on the Valley of King Xorbb head over to that guide instead.

- You can reach this zone one of two ways, through East Karana or through Runnyeye Citadel.

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