Relic, The Artifact City - Prophecy of Ro Leveling Guide

Relic the Artifact City First Floor

The first floor of Relic, the Artifact City is the only place in the zone for regular groups to hunt. Much like with Arcstone, falling off the side of Relic will send you straight to Freeport - so don't fall off! There's really no part of Relic that's safe for you to make camp and pull enemies to except for the two hallways jutting off the room with the Teleporter.

The Teleporter room I speak of is to the east of where you zone in at from Arcstone. A good spot to camp is right where it says 'The Guardian of the Doorway' on the map above. From this camp location you'll be able to pull a mud spirit, Lyban and The Guardian of the Doorway with ease. You could also possibly even pull Sharlash the Ninthborn up to the north too if you've got a good group!

Out of all the camps I know of in this zone, this is the only one of them that lets you pull multiple named enemies from the same location. The rest of the nameds you'll likely be camping just them and the trash mobs that surround them.

Sharlash the Ninthborn is one of the easiest nameds to camp in this zone since he spawns away from almost any other enemy. You could park your group right ontop of his spawn location and only ever have to find the named or the placeholder and the golem, Thunderstone - if you wanted to. Maru, the Twelfth Born is similar in this regard, but he's a wee bit closer to roaming enemies than Sharlash is.


Sharlash the Ninthborn: Belt of Hidden Daggers, Black Spirit Thread Cape, Cape of Echoes, Dark Spiritbone Belt, Scrykin Channeling Wand

a mud spirit: Arcstone Lavarock (Aug), Scrykin Duelist's Wand, Sleeves of Stardust

Lyban: Barbed Band of Power, Ethereal Plate Leggings

The Guardian of the Doorway: Ethereal Silversilk Leggings, Shroud of the Three Schools

Maru the Twelfth Born: Dark Spiritbone Belt, Mace of Savagery, Shadeiron Gauntlets, Shadeleather Sleeves

Xanthrin of Deep Strata: Part of an easy task, Trouble with Dirt.


First Floor of Relic Raid Nameds:

Nightshade: Part of the Porthio the Second Born encounter - drops a quest item

Porthio the Second Born: Agate of Transfusion (Aug), Mask of the Second Born, Porthio's Belt of Shadows, Porthio's Ring of Shadows, Shademaul


Relic the Artifact City Second Floor

You enter the second floor of Relic where the small pink/purple circle is in the central portion of the map above. Aside from the raid targets that are found up here you'll find a bunch of scrykin and elemental enemies roaming around the pathways typically by themselves - which makes them very easy to single pull.

If you're someone who is soloing/duoing and just looking for EXP, roaming around this upper pathways and fighting the enemies you come across might not entierly be a bad idea. You'll of course need to avoid the raid enemies but that's pretty easy so long as you don't venture onto their platforms.


a scrykin deceiver: Notched Ring of Nine Wars, Scrykin Bladebreaker

Thanus the Eleventh Born: Dark Spiritbone Belt, Fallen Shard of Relic, Shadelink Bracer, Sleeves of the Moon, Spirit Hunter's Lance


Tsikut: Dragonrider Chain Gloves, Dragonrider Plate Helm, Dragontamer Sleeves, Sash of Seven Scales

Ashenback: Dragonskull of Relic, Hollowed Dragon Tusk, Hood of the Relic Born, Stretched Dragonback Bracer

Shar`Drahn: Dragonrider Plate Helm, Hood of the Relic Born, Silken Boots of the Magus


Additional Information

- In order to reach Relic, the Artifact City you'll first want to take the Guild Hall portal to Arcstone then travel east to a platform which you'll click on to gain entry.

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