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TSS Leveling Guide - Frostcrypt


Tharvig the Haunted: Orb of Swirling Shadows, Rime-Coated Steel Cincture + Powersources for gear

Barvig Bloodaxe: Rime-Coated Drum of the Avalanche, Sapphire Ring of Bromal Fury + Powersources for gear

Guard Commander Bowulf: Frost Runed Icy War Hammer, Frostflake of the All-Enduring (Aug), Silver Ring of Numbing Cold + Powersources for gear

Firbulg, Tactician of Ice: Black Sapphire of Eldritch Focus (Aug), Iron Club of False Conviction + Powersources for gear

Quartermaster Balrik: Frosted Diamond of Elemental Fury (Aug), Hail-Studded Collar of Savagery + Powersources for gear

Gadrik: Enameled Froststeel Stud, Shimmering Ice-Wrapped Fists + Powersources for gear

Geshan the Wretched: Glowing Pendant of Preserved Ice, Ice Glazed Platinum Mask + Powersources for gear

Juha, the Peoples Protector: Frozen Diamond of Purification (Aug), Earring of Shattered Souls, Jagged Froststeel Lance + Powersources for gear

Rallosian Acolyte Aemon: Frostweave Sash of the Muse, Frozen Diamond of Purification (Aug), Fire-Runed Icepearl, Forged Froststeel Ingot + Powersources for gear

Lorekeeper Thoren Goldentongue: Exquisite Cloak of Conjured Flame, Frostflake of the All-Enduring (Aug), Frozen Diamond of Purification (Aug), Polished Opal of Vigor (Aug) + Powersources for gear

Lorekeeper Heimdul:



Additional Information

- In order to get to Frostcrypt you'll need to get a Wizard to port you to Icefall Glacier, a Druid to port you to The Steppes or to take the Guild Hall portal to Goru'kar Mesa and then run from one of these three locations. For more information on How to get to Frostcrypt follow the link provided to be taken to my guide which explains more in detail.

Frostcrypt Allakhazam Zone Information