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EverQuest Hotzone Aug List

December 5th, 2006 to April 18th, 2007

Level 20: Kurn's Tower
Augment: Minor Stone of Power

Level 25: Unrest
Augment: Lesser Stone of Power

Level 30: Tower of Frozen Shadow
Augment: Stone of Power

Level 35: Lower Guk
Augment: Greater Stone of Power

Level 40: The Hole
Augment: Minor Stone of Might

Level 45: Chardok
Augment: Lesser Stone of Might

Level 50: Old Sebilis
Augment: Stone of Might

Level 55: Grieg's End
Augment: Greater Stone of Might

Level 60: Cazic-Thule
Augment: Stone of Greatness

Level 65: Lair of the Splitpaw
Augment: Stone of Light

April 18th, 2007 to October 30th, 2007

Level 20: Netherbian Lair
Augment: Blood Red Stone of Loss

Level 25: Crypt of Dalnir
Augment: Polished Green Softstone

Level 30: Crystal Caverns
Augment: Blue Flecked Rock

Level 35: Iceclad Ocean
Augment: Brittle Yellow Stone

Level 40: The Scarlet Desert
Augment: Bluegreen Rock

Level 45: Burning Woods
Augment: Spotted Lava Rock

Level 50: Dranik's Scar
Augment: Golden Shardstone

Level 55: Acrylia Caverns
Augment: Heart of the Sky

Level 60: Dragon Necropolis
Augment: Dingy Grey Stone

Level 65: Wall of Slaughter
Augment: Polished Blue Softstone

October 30th, 2007 to Febuary 27th, 2008

Level 20: Castle Mistmoore
Augment: Polished Crysolite

Level 25: Permafrost Keep
Augment: Chunk of Amorphus Granite

Level 30: Trakanon's Teeth
Augment: Dull Diamondine

Level 35: Warsliks Wood
Augment: Polished Anthracite

Level 40: Dawnshroud Peaks
Augment: Glinting Sunstone

Level 45: Velketor's Labyrinth
Augment: Frozen Spider Eye

Level 50: The Deep
Augment: Coagulated Darkness

Level 55: Temple of Droga
Augment: Fossilized Bone Shard

Level 60: Nobles' Causeway
Augment: Cracked Gem of Lucidity

Level 65: Halls of Honor
Augment: Crest of Valor

Febuary 28th, 2008 to August 19th, 2008

Level 20: North Ro/South Ro
Augment: Corrupted Agate Amulet

Level 25: Solusek's Eye
Augment: Corrupted Emerald Amulet

Level 30: Blightfire Moors
Augment: Corrupted Opal Amulet

Level 35: Stone Hive
Augment: Corrupted Sapphire Amulet

Level 40: Dulak's Harbor
Augment: Corrupted Citrine Amulet

Level 45: Skyshrine
Augment: Corrupted Ruby Amulet

Level 50: Akheva Ruins
Augment: Corrupted Sunstone Amulet

Level 55: Crypt of Nadox
Augment: Corrupted Peridot Amulet

Level 60: Riwwi, Coliseum of Games
Augment: Corrupted Diamond Amulet

Level 65: Torden, the Bastion of Thunder
Augment: Corrupted Blue Diamond Amulet

Level 70: Ruins of Illsalin
Augment: Corrupted Netherstone Amulet

August 20th, 2008 to December 8th, 2008

Level 20: Lake of Ill Omen
Augment: Petrified Bloodgill Eye

Level 25: The Feerrott
Augment: Fossilized Tae Ew Eye

Level 30: Frontier Mountains
Augment: Petrified Goblin Eye

Level 35: Tower of Frozen Shadow
Augment: Frozen Crystalline Eye

Level 40: Lower Guk
Augment: Decayed Froglok Eye

Level 45: The Wakening Land
Augment: Petrified Holgresh Eye

Level 50: Old Sebilis
Augment: Pickled Froglok Eye

Level 55: Blackfeather Roost
Augment: Fossilized Griffon Eye

Level 60: Plane of Storms
Augment: Eye of the Storm

Level 65: Sunderock Springs
Augment: Petrified Bladefin Eye

Level 70: Riftseekers' Sanctum
Augment: Frozen Pyrilen Eye

December 8th, 2008 to July 14th, 2009

Level 20: Stonebrunt Mountains
Augment: Shard of Imperceptible Power

Level 25: Crystal Caverns
Augment: Shard of Faint Power

Leel 30: The Overthere
Augment: Shard of Slight Power

Level 35: Mons Letalis
Augment: Shard of Minor Power

Level 40: Great Divide
Augment: Shard of Power

Level 45: Nagafen's Lair
Augment: Shard of Incandescent Power

Level 50: Plane of Innovation
Augment: Shard of Increasing Power

Level 55: Ssraeshza Temple
Augment: Shard of Growing Power

Level 60: Crypt of Decay
Augment: Shard of Expanding Power

Level 65: Stoneroot Falls
Augment: Shard of Phosphorescent Power

Level 70: Valdeholm
Augment: Shard of Phenomenal Power

Level 75: Dreadspire Keep
Augment: Shard of True Power

July 14th, 2009 to October 7th, 2009

Level 20: Everfrost Peaks

Level 25: Permafrost Keep

Level 30: Iceclad Ocean

Level 35: Tower of Frozen Shadow

Level 40: Great Divide

Level 45: Eastern Wastes

Level 50: Velketor's Labyrinth

Level 55: Kael Drakkel

Level 60: Western Wastes

Level 65: The Ascent

Level 70: Icefall Glacier

Level 75: Valdeholm

Level 75: Frostcrypt





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