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Erud's Crossing - Classic EQ Leveling Guide

Erud's Crossing Leveling Location

Erud’s Crossing is one of the smallest zones in Everquest. It’s a perfect small zone for soloers around 10-15. To get to Erud’s Crossing you have to use the translocator from South Qeynos, or Erudin. The zone itself is mostly water but the only thing to really do here is kill things on the island. Thankfully there’s a translocator here so traveling takes no time.

The island has a dock where you arrive and a very small fishing village with four huts and a few Kerrans holding one Kerran merchant named Renna; she’s indifferent to you unless you kill her people. The island takes 40 seconds to run across without SoW; so it’s a small island to solo on. There is a large crater in the center and a few large blocks spread out on the island; these blocks emit light at night. There is also a sunken pirate ship near the island with undead mobs inside. Like any tropical island in EQ there are plenty of palm trees!

The main reason people solo here is for the willowisps and solitude. If you come to this island and there’s another person already soloing willowisps, you should find them somewhere else because two people killing them is too many. The zone holds about 7 willowisps altogether and you can find them easily due to the islands not-so-large size.

The willowisps will help each other out and run at low health, so consider yourself warned. The willowisps are around levels 9-14. The reason people like killing these glowing guys is because they drop greater lightstones; these stones can be used as a light source or you can hand them in to a gypsy in the Karanas and get some decent Plat.

When hunting here and waiting for your little globes of light to respawn, you might consider hunting some Kerra Spiders (levels 10-12); they are social mobs who hit harder than usual, and they also have a nasty poison DoT, so consider yourself warned again! If you find yourself in a bind and need to run away, go to the translocator. It helps to have a hotkey saying, “Travel to Erudin” or “Travel to Qeynos,” ready to go in case of an emergency.

Erud’s Crossing is a very simple zone with not much to do besides kill willowisps and the occasional spider. It’s easy to get to, and easy to get out of. As a bonus, you have a merchant to sell off any vendor loot and a bank just one zone away in Qeynos. The zone can’t support many people, but lucky for you not many people come here!


Additional Information

- You can reach Erud's Crossing from Erudin or South Qeynos by speaking to a translocator.

- This guide wasn't written by me but it's incredibly descriptive so I've kept it all these years.

Erud's Crossing Allakhazam Zone Information