Permafrost Keep - Classic Leveling Guide

Permafrost Keep Goblins

Permafrost Keep is a dungeon connected to Everfrost Peak that has one of the widest level spreads of any dungeon in the game. The areas on the map above are the easiest locations you'll find to hunt in Permafrost Keep. This is best known as the area with a bunch of Ice Goblins.

If you're without a group I recommend you stay as close to the entrance area as possible and try not to venture too far north which is where things start getting tough. As you can see from my screen shot above there are a few different named goblins for you to kill which makes a few different areas to camp.

Aside from named drops you'll want to keep an eye out for Permafrost Crystals which drop from the Goblins. These are used in a few different Tradeskill recipes and can net you a little bit of plat early on if you find someone willing to buy them from you. Players lower than level 30 will want to avoid the King's room which is all the way up north and the room that connects to the Ice Giants' area/Lady Vox's room.

Here is a list of all of the named enemies which are found outside of the King's room.

a goblin jailmaster: Etched Ivory Charm, Wooly Spider Silk Net

a goblin archeologist: Archeologist Pack, Dented Brass Mask

a goblin preacher: Cold Iron Morning Star, Runed Circlet

a goblin alchemist: Mammoth Hide Leggings, Mammoth Hide Cloak

a goblin scryer: Ice Crystal Staff, Wolf Fur Slippers

That's it for all of the named enemies you'll find in Permafrost Keep outside of the King's room. The king's room is the northern most room on my map above that's kind of like half cut off by the height filter. This room is a big tougher than the rest of the zone and has large doors in the back that you don't wanna go through unless you're 50+.

The King's room has a multitude of different enemies each with their own unique drops which is another reason I decided to branch this part off from the previous named enemies. Here is a list of all the nameds you'll find in the King's room:

King Thex'Ka IV: Symbol of Loyalty to Vox, White Wolf-hide Cloak

a Goblin Patriarch: Goblin Frost Totem

an Elite Goblin Guard: Icy Greaves, Frost Goblin Skin

an Elite Honor Guard: Silvery War Axe, Silvery Two Handed Axe

High Priest Zaharn: Zaharn's Coronet

That's basically all of the enemies you can kill in this zone easily if you're in your 30s. There is a bit more to do in the zone though which I will cover below for anyone out there boxing or reading this guide way later on in expansions. The area below would virtually get no traffic except when someone came here to kill Vox and there's quite a few enemies to slaughter!

Permafrost Keep Higher Level Pits

When you pass through the doors behind the King Ice Goblin mentioned above you'll find a small maze that leads to Lady Vox's room. If you take the 'wrong' path while traveling to Vox you'll fall through the floor into the room below, which is what's pictured on the map above.

This room is actually not too shabby for EXP 50+ and you're definitely likely to be left alone here unless Vox is still being slaughtered on your server. You'll find a bunch of bear enemies mixed with other tentacle like enemies here. The two nameds shown on my map above are only there in the Hardcore Heritage revamp of the zone.


Additional Zone Information

- Save your Permafrost Crystals to sell in The Commonlands or The Bazaar. They're used for making Golden Idols through Pottery.

- This zone is home to a raid boss, Lady Vox.

- The only way to reach Permafrost Caverns is through Everfrost Peaks, the Barbarian starting zone. If you're unsure how to get to Everfrost Peaks, you have to go through Blackburrow which is also connected to Qeynos Hills; the Human starting zone(s). That zone is connected to Surefall Glade, which is a location Druids can port to as well as the Karanas. Of course if PoK is out you can always just take the PoK book here or speak with the Magus at any LDoN camp as well.

- This zone gets revamped during the Spring/Summer months for Hardcore Heritage.

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