South Karana - Classic Leveling Guide

South Karana Aviaks

South Karana is one of my favorite "off zones" to level in. The reason I like this zone so much is because there are virtually endless areas to level. You can either kill all of the animals around South Karana, grind the Centaurs, grind the Aviaks or grind the gnolls around Splitpaw's Entrance. As far as animals go, Elephants are the ones that I mainly focus on if I decide to go that route but usually I do Avaiks.

For players 18 - 24 the best place to hunt in South Karana is the Aviak Village, which is inside the light blue circle on my map. The reason I like this camp so much is because none of the birds summon and they have a moderately large level spread. It makes this camp a rather decent spot to hunt for quite awhile.

Another bonus to grinding in SK is it's rather antisocial compared to the more popular locations. If you need somewhere to just relax and avoid the 'rush' that the popular zones like Unrest, Upper Guk and other dungeons get - this is the place to be!

The Centaurs are also a decent hunting spot for anyone in the 20s if you get here and the Aviaks are already camped by a group. They work almost identically to the aviaks in the sense that they're highly social and have a rather large level spread amongst each other. You'll need to be careful when pulling the Centaur town too -- similarly to the Aviaks the pathing isn't always the best.

One big bonus about hunting the Centaurs over the Aviaks is there is a vendor right in the middle of the Centaur village. If you don't completely destroy your reputation with the Centaurs (or if you 'Sneak' behind the vendor) he'll actually still buy/sell to you.

The final spot I would like to mention is the Gnolls you can hunt that wander around outside Splitpaw. For some reason I didn't see none of these guys on the TLP servers (Ragefier, Lockjaw) so I am thinking they got patched out when Splitpaw was revamped to elementals. With that said anyone reading this on an emulator server (P99) can still hunt at this location.


Additional Zone Information

- There are two zone in locations for South Karana, Lake Rathe as well as North Karana. Druids and Wizards can both port to North Karana.

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