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Kunark Leveling Guide - Karnor's Castle

Karnor's Castle is a drolvarg stronghold right in the center of The Dreadlands. This zone was best known in its time for being the best place to go if you wanna get trained and it's still got those same problems even today. Basically the entire zone is stacked on top of itself which makes agro crazy at times.

Players in their upper 40s or low 50s will want to stay as close to the entrance as possible. Things can get out of control rather quickly the further you go in so it's really best not to press your luck. In the first portion of Karnor's Castle you'll find the following named enemies:

A drolvarg Captain: Cobalt Gauntlets, Drolvarg Mantle, Jade Mace, Polyphenomenal Axe, Lupine Dagger

Sentry of Sathir: Jarsath Scale Helm, Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets, Bone Amulet of Blade Turning, Swarmcaller

Caller of Sathir: Kunzar Cloak, Nature's Wrath, Cobalt Boots, Sionachie's Partisan

Skeletal Berserker: Jarsath Scale Chestplate, Band of Eternal Flame, Deathbringer's Rod

Skeletal Captain: Sarnak-Hide Mask, Tolan's Darkwood Gauntlets, Soul Binder, Fist of Zek

Further into Karnor's Castle is reserved for players with groups that are 50+. It gets pretty tricky the deeper you go in and you shouldn't expect always expect 2 or 3 mobs a pull... You should start expecting 4+! Additionally players on the TLP will have to deal with the annoying AoE debuff Venril Sathir puts off with Mitigation of the Mighty. That is assuming he's alive.

Deep in the castle you'll find a drolvarg warlord who drops a Supple Scale Armband which is one of the best wrists you can get for some classes. Additionally in this same room you have the a drolvarg pawbuster which drops A Metal Pipe that's used for the Monk Epic 1.0.

Here are the rest of the named enemies you'll find:

A drolvarg warlord: Supple Scale Armband, Harmonic Dagger

Skeletal Warlord: Jarsath Scale Wrist Guards, Deepwater Boots, Dwarven Sap, Tranquil Staff

Construct of Sathir: Helm of Rile, Polished Obsidian Great Axe, Blood Ember Gauntlets, Fang Amulet of Calling

a cursed hand: Donal's Gauntlets of Mourning

Hangnail: Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets

That's all there is to Karnor's Castle. Of course, there's still Venril Sathir but he's a raid boss man! You ain't got no business messing with him for a leveling guide!


Additional Zone Information

- There is one only zone connected to Karnor's Castle which means one way in, The Dreadlands.

- There is a raid boss in the far western end of Karnor's Castle, his name is Venril Sathir.

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