Kunark Leveling Guide - Kaesora

Kaesora Upper Floors

The upper portion of Kaesora, what's shown on the map above, is best for groups that are between the levels of 35 - 40. This zone is a bit of a mess with holes you can fall down multiple floors and barely any single pulls, it's not really a place I recommend hunting in.

That said though, this zone will probably be the most antisocial location you can find for this level range! Additionally, one thing I do know is the eastern end of this zone is a bit more wide open than the rest which makes for a more comfortable hunting ground.

Kaesora Lower Floors

The Lower portion of Kaesora is reached by falling down one of the holes in western upper Kaesora. You'll want to be careful and definitely prepared when you fall down the hole because no where down here is safe! Every pull is 3+ enemies and almost nowhere is safe to camp!

The main reason you'll find people constantly traveling to Kaesora is down here though. His name is Xalgoz and he drops the Xalgozian Fang which is part of the Charasis (Howling Stones) Key Quest.



Additional Zone Information

- Kaesora has Xalgoz which is a named that drops Xalgozian Fang. An item used in the Charasis key quest.

- This zone was remade during the SoD expansion

Kaesora Allakhazam Zone Information

Kaesora P99 Zone Information