Castle Mistmoore - Classic Leveling Guide

Castle Mistmoore - Classic Leveling Guide

The lower light blue circle on my map above is great for players in their late teens and lower 20s. You'll still have to be careful since the enemies in this area run and you'll want to avoid the Gargoyles by the large tower in the courtyard as they'll be way above your level.

Once you reach 20 - 25 (and you preferably aren't alone) you can move into the zone a bit further up to the northern most purple circle. The mobs in this area are a bit harder progressively getting tougher until you reach the Graveyard. Past the Graveyard it takes a really big level spike so be careful!

Here are some of the drops you'll find in the 'easier' part of Mistmoore, also known as the two spots I have circled on the map above.

A Glyphed Ghoul: Crested Mistmoore Shield

An Imp Familiar: Sacrifical Dagger, Bloodstone Eyepatch

There are lots more named enemies when you go further into Mistmoore (in the castle) but I won't be mentioning them here. Well, I will mention one of them. A cloaked dhampyre spawns in the garden area of the castle which drops one of the best cloaks in Classic EQ, The Hooded Black Cloak.


Additional Zone Information

- This zone gets revamped each year during Hardcore Heritage. It won't affect the TLP players until much... much later in the game.

- The only way you can reach Castle Mistmoore is through Lesser Faydark which is connected to both Greater Faydark and Steamfont Mountains. Wizards can port to Gfay and Druids can port to Steamfont. If PoP is out the fastest way here is by taking the Felwithe PoP Stone.

Castle Mistmoore Allakhazam Zone Information

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