Old Sebilis - Kunark Leveling Guide

The above map shows basically the entire "upper" portion of Old Sebilis, cutting off Disco 2 and that's about it. Basically everything from where it says "Teleport" in the green area on the map above north is a great hunting location for players 46 - 55.

The place where it says "Teleport" on the map in the brown northern section is the only zone out in this zone and for that reason any lower level groups or solo players will want to hang around the Crossroads area which is closes to the Teleporter.

While hunting in the northern portion of Old Sebilis you'll want to keep an eye out for two really rare drops, Obulus Death Shroud and Runebranded Girdle. I've only ever seen the Obulus Death Shroud drop from the Disco side of Old Sebilis and the Runebranded Girdle drop from the Chef side. Additionally hold onto any Nodding Blue Lily that you come across as they're used for Alchemy.

X-roads Nameds:

a necrosis scarab: Cane of the Tranquil, Crystalline Short Sword, Jaundiced Bone Vambracers

sebilite guardian: Lamentation, Larrikan's Mask, Wind Saber, Bone Mask of the Jarsath

Disco 1 Nameds:

frenzied pox scarab: Beetle Stinger, Deepwater Bracer, Imbued Fighters Staff

froglok ostiary: Arbitor's Combine Greatsword, Donal's Vambracers of Mourning, Sebilite Scale Mantle, Sebilite Scale Neckguard

Gruplinort: Elder Spiritist's Bracer, Froglok Bonecaster's Robe

Brogg: Clay Guardian Sheild, Ebon Mace, Tolan's Darkwood Bracer, Book of Obulus

an iksar necromancer: Jaundiced Bone Helm

Brogg and an iksar necromancer will most likely be pulled if you're in Disco 2 and there's no one in Disco 1. On the opposite side of the map shown above you have the Chef camp and all of the named enemies that are over there.

The Chef area is about the same level as Disco and offers basically the same type of loot/EXP as what you'd expect at Disco. I can't help but recommend disco more than Chef though as I am so much more familiar with that side of Old Sebilis. If you'd like to read more about the Chef camp follow the link for more information.

The map above shows both the Disco 2 camp as well as the crypt. Disco 2 is about the same level range as the crypt camp so 55 - 60. Depending on how good your group is you may be able to handle both Disco 1 and 2 but usually one group holds each camp - unless someone just doesn't wanna share.

In addition to Brogg, the named golem you find far to the west in the Disco camp you'll have two more named enemies in Disco 2. You'll find them listed below.

Disco 2 Nameds:

froglok pickler: Donal's Bracer of Mourning, Sebilite Scale Belt, Sebilite Scale Cloak, Zealot's Incarnadine Sword

froglok commander: Donal's Helm of Mourning, Granite Face Grinder, Sebilite Scale Boots, Sebilite Scale Mask

With Disco entirely out of the way, let's now talk about The Crypt and all the goodies that come from here!

Basically The Crypt 4 separate rooms and each of them has a named inside of them. As you could imagine this camp isn't entirely the best for EXP but some of the loot you can find here is insane! Each of the nameds in can fairly easily be solo'd or duo'd by any level 60 with decent enough gear but more commonly you see groups killing all four of the nameds at once.

crypt caretaker: Deepwater Helm, Obulus Mantle

Arch Duke Latol: Jaundiced Bone Bracer, Ykeshan War Club

Harbinger Freglor: Box of Nil Space, Cane of Harmony, Knuckle Dusters

Hierophant Prime Grekal: Hierophant's Cloak, Sword of Skyfire, Sword of the Morning

Baron Yosig: Journeyman's Walking Stick, Luminescent Staff, Tolan's Darkwood Helm

Now if you venture a wee bit further south you'll come across another Locked Door. Beyond this door is the Emperor camp which consists of Emperor Chottal and bloot of chottal. This camp is geared more towards players 58 - 60 and grouped as the pull in Chottals room is 6 or so enemies.

Sometimes groups even pull the Emperor and Crypt but that's rather uncommon to see and more often than not they're camped separately.

blood of chottal: Breath of Harmony, Cone of the Mystics, Tolan's Darkwood Vambracers

Emperor Chottal: Deepwater Vambracers, Nathsar Greatsword, Rod of Lamentation, Rod of Mourning + Many rare level 60 spells

That's all there is to The Crypt! If you'd like to venture down into the hardest part of Old Sebilis yet then keep on reading for even more difficult hunting locations!

Once you venture into the 'underbelly' of Old Sebilis things will really start to ramp up in difficulty. There are three main camps down here, The Myconid King, Juggs (no nameds, just the high level juggernaut enemies down here) and finally Tolapumj and sebilite protector.

Let's start with the easier of the camps, Juggs. This camp consists of basically every between the Myconid and Trakanon. There's a a bunch of very powerful froglok enemies down here as well as sebilite juggernauts which drop a different loot table of spells than any other enemies in Old Sebilis. That's basically all that makes this camp so popular in the first place!

Tolapumj and sebilite protector can also be called a part of the Juggs camp but only if you're in an exceptionally good group that can actually handle the entire bottom. Also it's worth mentioning that if Trakanon is up you can't do the Tolapumj/protector camp but you can still kill the Juggs.

The main reason people camp Tolapumj and sebilite protector is because these two nameds (like Emperor Chottal in the crypt) drop some of the really really rare level 60 spells.

Tolapumj: Tolapumj's Robe, Cap of the Insubstantial (really rare), Peacebringer

sebilite protector: Hardened Clay Bracelet, Poison Wind Censer, Staff of Battle

The juggs are amazing EXP until level 60 and even until level 65 if you're reading this ahead of the Kunark expansion pack. It's also an extremely out of the way location which makes it great for boxers looking to be left alone. The last camp that's in the under belly of Old Sebilis is the Myconid King.

You'll best know this camp as the place that drops the Fungus Covered Scale Tunic. The Myconid King is located a bit further north in the tunnels of Old Sebilis than the juggs are. This camp is actually as difficult as the juggs if not more difficult considering the myconids heal each other through walls.

Much like Emperor Chottal and Tolapumj/sebilite protector - the spore king also drops the really rare level 60 Kunark Spells. Like the other camps as well, If you plan to do any of these camps I strongly recommend you come prepared!

myconid spore king: Fungus Covered Scale Tunic, Fungi Covered Great Staff, Robe of Living Fungus


Additional Zone Information

- The fastest way for you to reach Old Sebilis is by getting a port to Emerald Jungle from a wizard or druid. If PoP is out the fastest way here without a port is by taking The Cabilis stone and traveling through EJ.

- The raid boss Trakanon spawns in this zone.

- In order to gain access to Old Sebilis you'll need to complete the Old Sebilis Key Quest. It's not too difficult and should take you 45min tops.

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