Grimling Forest - Luclin Leveling Guide

Grimling Forest Map Locations

The Grimling Forest is another nature oriented zone that was added in Luclin for levels 30 - 50; much like Dawnshroud Peaks. Much like DS Peaks this zone is decent for both solo players and those with groups on the smaller side. I don't really recommend hunting here as a full group as there are a handful of better locations for this level range.

The lowest level enemies in the zone patrol around the area or are stationed at the independant camps of grimlings around the zone. The Grimling camps furthest south in the south, west from the Vah Shir stronghold here are the easiest ones in the zone. The further north you go the more challenging the enemies will start to get.

Additionally when you get close to Acrylia Caverns and the tunnels that lead down into it - you'll find the enemies really take a jump in difficulty! Players higher than level 40 will find decent hunting in the far northwestern portion of the zone - by the tunnels leading to AC.

While hunting in Grimling Forest you'll want to keep your eye out for any Acrylia Ore that you come across. As long as you're playing on the Official Daybreak EQ servers and not an emulator all the Acrylia Ore will now stack to 1000 which makes it much less painstaking to loot and carry around with you.


Additional Information

- The fastest way to Grimling Forest is to get a Druid or Wizard to port you here. If you can't get a portal you have to run through Hollowshade Moor to reach Grimling Forest.

Grimling Forest Allakhazam Zone Information