Qeynos Hills - Classic Leveling Guide

Qeynos Hills is an alternative to the noobie yard in northern Qeynos as well as an alternative for (some) of the Qeynos Sewers zone. This zone has enemies between the levels of 1 - 15 but is really only good for levels 1 - 10. When you first zone in from Northern Qeynos you'll find rats, gnolls, wolves and skeletons which range from levels 1 - 4.

The large blue box on my map above marks this location. Once you start getting closer to level 5 you should begin to push your way north. Occasionally fighting harder mobs to test your strength. The green box you see on the map above will have bears and gnolls as well as a mixture of higher level enemies of the same species we've been killing.

The entrance of Blackburrow offers a pretty nice hunting location for this level range too (the entrance in Qeynos Hills as well as inside Blackburrow are good for these levels). It also may be worth it for you to hang around the BB entrance for no other reason than zoning if you get too many mobs or bite off more than you can chew.

Northern Qeynos Hills

The map above is the northern portion of Qeynos Hills which has enemies about the same level as what you'd find in the southern portion. Surefall Glade (the zone line to the north) is a starting zone for some Druids/Rangers which makes this their noob zone too. The purple circle in the upper right is a camp of undead which are levels 7 +.

Both maps on this page of Qeynos you'll notice have a #1 marked on them. This location is where Hadden spawns who drops a rare item that has Enduring Breath on it called the Fishbone Earring. This is one of the only items in Classic EQ with this focus which makes it very valuable.


Additional Zone Information

- In order to reach Qeynos Hills you'll need a Druid to port you to Surefall Glade (1 zone away) or a Wizard to port you to North Karana (2 zones away).

- A friendly NPC in this zone, Hadden, drops Fishbone Earring one of the only items in Classic - Velious with Enduring Breath on it.

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