Ruins of Illsalin - Depths of Darkhollow Guide

Ruins of Illsalin NE

Ruins of Illsalin has many different hunting locations and can support probably close to a dozen different groups throughout the zone. Almost all of the enemies throughout the zone are level 72 so one location isn't inherently harder than another, the named you want to camp will likely determine where you hunt.

On the map above you'll notice four different named enemies. Gloomfang and Lifedrainer are both found in the water which is below the large structure where you see 'Hiveleader' marked on the map above. Gloomfang doesn't ever leave his post in the far east and is an easy named to pick off for soloers/duoers or small groups.

Lifedrainer on the other hand swims around this whole northeastern area. He can definitely be pulled as a single when you see him, but you'll likely need to have a mobile group to camp both him and Gloomfang. Considering that both of these enemies are underwater... you get why that could be annoying, right?

As for the large tower where it says 'Hiveleader' on the map above, this area is filled with Drachnid enemies and most pulls will be two or three mobs each. I can only recommend this tower for full groups/well geared groups.


a drachnid hiveleader: Korlach Worshipper's Cap, Undead Drachnid Silk Leggings + Shadowspine Runes

Gloomfang: Armistice Girdle + Shadowspine Runes

Lifedrainer: Fishweave Belt, Shiliskin Myrmidon Sword + Shadowspine Runes


Ruins of Illsalin Southern Camp

The area you see on the map above is the best hunting location in the entire zone. To reach this area you'll want to run up to the top of the tower shown in the first screen shot on this page, use Levitate and float down/over to the seats inside the broken down wall of the theater. Confused? The seats are where Sorceror Lusix and Drill Master Zarthin are show on the map above.

I call this area the theater because it's basically what it looks like to me. The seat area if packed with undead enemies as is the shallow water just below the seats with all the boulders scattered throughout. If you go into the rooms south of the theater's seats you'll find a bunch of Shilliksin enemies, they're humanoids as far as I know not undead. Paladins will want to stay in the theater's seats area or in the water just below for the best hunting.

Only the most capable groups will be able to handle this location since there's so many named enemies and mobs in this area. Most pulls will be two or three enemies a piece at least. If you find the theater area to be too challenging you can always go down to the south where Clergyman Gryfil is. This is a bit more peaceful single named hunting location.


Overseer Xygern: Deep Water Defender Greaves, Shiliskin Guardian Helmet + Shadowspine Runes

Battlemage Ristyr: Deep Water Defender Greaves, Shiliskin Guardian Helmet + Shadowspine Runes


Battlemaster Rygosh: Deep Water Basilisk Hide Leggings, Shiliskin Scout Cap + Shadowspine Runes

Clergyman Gryfil: Deadwater Lute, Illsalin Insignia Ring + Shadowspine Runes

Slave Regert: Korlach Worshipper's Belt, Shiliskin Myrmidon Shield + Shadowspine Runes

A Forgotten Guardian: Undead Drachnid Chitin Mantle, Wand of Dark Waters + Shadowspine Runes

Sorceror Lusix: Ringed Witheran Scale Leggings, Shiliskin Infantry Helmet + Shadowspine Runes

Drill Master Zarthin: Fishweave Cloak, Painted Dragon Scale, Reef Hunter Bow + Shadowspine Runes

High Priest Preyan: Jagged Coral Sledge, Shiliskin Infantry Collar + Shadowspine Runes


Ruins of Illsalin Western Camp

The only named enemy on the map above is Bishop Yurim. This camp is pretty easy compared to the other named camps that are close to him to the south and east. North of this named you'll see Ritesmaster Verok on the map. This is a mini raid boss sitting in a room with a butt load of other Drachnid enemies. I don't recommend you even get near his room unless you're with a raid or reading this many expansions ahead and you're a boxer/with a group that's decked out in raid gear.


Bishop Yurim: Shiliskin Guardian Armguards, Shimmering Coral Ring Bracer

Ritesmaster Verok (Raid Boss): Verok's Bauble of Aberration, Verok's Insignia of Havoc, Verok's Sprig of Condolence, Verok's Torque of Divinity



Additional Information

- The fastest way to reach Ruins of Illsalin is by taking the Undershore Guild Hall portal and traveling southwest from there. For more information on How to reach Ruins of Illsalin follow the link to be taken to a guide that explains it better.

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