Crescent Reach - TSS Leveling Guide

Once The Serpent's Spine goes live, Crescent Reach becomes the default starting zone for all races. I technically have two guides for this zone depending on when you are in the EQ time line. If you're playing on a server that has Seeds of Destruction currently active on it, then you'll want to use my Post Mercenary Crescent Reach Leveling Guide instead of this one. That one takes into account mercenaries which completely change the game.

When you first start out in Crescent Reach you begin at the far western end of the zone. In this large open area you'll find bunnies which you can fight if you choose to reach level 2 rather easily. The alternative is to head over to the eastern portion of the zone which is what almost everyone does which is where you'll find an assortment of different enemies with a wide variety of levels.

Regardless of your choice, you'll want to fight enemies that con even to you, unless you're twinked out in which case you can handle level 2s or 3s with ease. As you start to level up you'll definitely want to move to the eastern side of the zone which is shown in the screen shot below.

The blue circle in the screen shot above is for levels 1 - 5. Staying down here until level 5 is pushing it but I am assuming that you aren't tweaked out the bum when you're first starting out. Those of you who have help or some twink gear will be able to move up to the green circle (levels 5 - 10) at level 3 or so.

In the green northern circle you'll find all sorts of animals, bears, cats, drakes and other enemies roaming around. These are what you'll want to hunt until level 10 or maybe even push it to level 12 - 13 if you aren't in such good gear. To the east you'll find two caves which have either more animals in them or sporali enemies. If you'd like to hunt here as an alternative you can.

Once you're ready move up to the undead enemies at the farmstead to the north. It's the same location shown in both the screen shot above and below marked levels 10 - 18. I recommend you stay close to the water if you're not well geared, it's safest to pull them to the water and fight them there.

Those of you twinked out the ying yang or boxing a whole group, you can hunt in the center of the farmstead or even move into the building just north of the farmstead. The building is mostly pulls of two or three skeletons per room and will be difficult without a tank and healer.

At the northern most point in Crescent Reach you'll find even more undead, but this time they're higher level! Once you cross the northern most bridge you'll find undead enemies scattered throughout the open field. The safest location to make camp is right in front of the bridge. Only a few enemies roam over here and you'll have an endless amount of them to pull to the north.

Well geared characters or twinks can move into the caves that are to the east of the bridge. The undead in the caves are slightly higher level than the ones outside and as you could imagine they won't be single pulls! If you decide to head into the caves be prepared, especially in the two large rooms in the back you might end up with pulls of 4 or 5 enemies each.


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