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Blackburrow - Classic Leveling Guide

Blackburrow First Floor

The first floors of Blackburrow are good for players between the levels of 1 and 5. This zone isn't really the best place to hunt for levels 1 - 3 but you'll find gnoll pups that are level 1 up on the first floor mixed in with enemies between the levels of 3 - 6.

The second floor is where the 'real' dungeon begins and it's where most people are going to come to this zone to hunt at. You can reach the second floor by traveling through the tunnel on the southeastern portion of my map above. Below this paragraph you'll find a map of the second floor.

BlackBurrow Second Floor

The map above covers a majority of the second floor. I've marked a few rooms on it which are also marked on P99's Map of the zone. Numbers 1 and 3 are rooms that have higher level gnolls than the rest of the floor. The spot that's marked with a 2 on the map is the snake pit.

If you'd like to move onto the bottom floor of Blackburrow then you'll want to go through the door at the northern end of the snake pit. The spot on the map where you see the name 'Lord Elgnub' will have a door but you can't open it - hence the reason for taking the northern most door.

Blackburrow Bottom Floor

The third floor of Blackburrow has a lot of the same mobs as what you'll find on the second floor of the dungeon. I have two locations marked on the map above - both of them make decent camp locations and give you quite a few enemies to pull.

The highest level gnolls in this part of the zone are the elite gnoll guards which are in their mid to late teens. Both of these hunting spots in lower Blackburrow can take you to into the late teens and even to level 20 if you really want to push it.


Additional Information

- This zone is reached through either Everfrost Peaks or Qeynos Hills. It connects the Human noob zone to the Barbarian noob zone.

- This zone was remade in the Seeds of Destruction expansion into a zone called Old Blackburrow and also has a Hardcore Heritage version which exists during the spring/summer months.

Blackburrow Allakhazam Zone Information

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