Nagafen's Lair (SolB) - Classic Leveling Guide

Blue Area: This area has a bunch of kobolds which are great for levels 35 - 43. Nameds are Kobold Priest, Kobold Champion, Kobold Noble, Kobold King.

Purple Area: This area has the animal mobs of SolB and is good for players 43 - 48. a noxious Spider, Death Beetle and a stone spider are some of the nameds. This area also leads to the Fire Giants and is marginally higher level than the kobolds at the start of the zone.

Red Area: This area has elementals and one of the most saught after camps in the zone, Efreeti Lord Djarn. Djarn drops Golden Efreeti Boots (GEBs) and Djarn's Amethyst Ring. These items will be some of the best twink items until PoP so this camp is always in very high demand. This part of the zone is good for players 48 - 50.


This is the area where the fire giants are in Nagafen's Lair. The fire giants are much more powerful than any of the other mobs in the zone - so powerful that they really aren't the best leveling location. By the time you can kill them you'll already be max level.

Warlord Skarlon - Mithril Greaves, Mithril Vambracers, Polished Mithril Mask (Improved Damage II Focus)

Magus Rokyl - Polished Mithril Mask (Improved Damage II Focus), Rokyl's Channeling Crystal

King Tranix - Polished Mithril Torque, Crown of King Tranix


Additional Zone Information

- There are two zone connections to Nagafen's Lair, SolA and Lavastorm Mountains. The fastest way here is through Lavastorm Mountains which is also connected to Nektulos Forest.

- One of the early classic raid bosses, Lord Nagafen, is found in this zone.

Nagafen's Lair P99 Zone Information

Nagafen's Lair Allakhazam Zone Information