Najena - Classic Leveling Guide

Najena Entrance Area

This zone is not friendly for those looking to solo unless you're in your late teens or early 20s. If you take it slow or you have good enough gear, this zone should be a lot easier for you at that point. That said though, there's still locations for you to hunt here prior to those levels.

On the map above, the area in the blue box is a decent location for people in their low teens. There's about 4 of 5 pulls of skeletons in this area, some pulls of 2 and some pulls of 3. The respawn time is pretty fast and so long as someone doesn't kill them as they run through the zone, you'll be able to keep them all down and have just enough time to med before they repop.

I wouldn't really recommend moving further into the zone alone unless you're really well geared. One wrong turn into a Tentacle Terror will get you killed or force you to run for the ZL. If you do want to go further into the zone, avoid the yellow box and go into the area above it to the north. Up here you'll find lots of skeletons that're spaced out and levels 13 - 15. There's one named in this area, Officer Grush.

Officer Grush: Dull Wooden Spear, Large Bronze Gear


Najena Northern Location

This is the hardest part/most commonly farmed part of Najena. A few different epic quests take place in this part of Najena, the Mage's Epic has a piece that drops here, Najena hersel drops a part of the Necromancer Epic and there may even be another one here I am forgetting.

Unless you have a group I would recommend you avoid this area since the goblins here are packed together so tightly that you'll be getting 4 or more with each pull... To make matters worse they all come with pets - so it'll be 4 goblins + 4 pets with some pulls... Unless you're twinked out the ying yang or have a group, I wouldn't recommend it.

The Widowmistress: Stiletto of the Bloodclaw, Widowmistress Hair (Quest)

Najena: Black Tome with Silver Runes, Clawed Knuckle-Ring, Flowing Black Robe


Najena Southeastern Area

The final area of Najena that I will talk about with this guide is the southeastern tower, shown in the screen shot above. The enemies in here are mostly in their late teens, much like the location we talked about above. Throughout the hallways you'll find the enemies to be 15 - 17 but inside some of the rooms, when you encounter the Necromancers and Mages they'll be Levels 18/19 instead.

As with the goblin mages mentioned before, these guys will come in pulls of 3 - 5 and they have pets too. Tread carefully throughout this area, you can get into danger fast if you're not paying attention. Again, for this reason I don't really recommend this area unless you're twinked out or with a group.

Drelzna: Ashenwood Short Spear, Stiletto of the Bloodclaw, Tentacle Whip, Earring of Disease Reflection

Rathyl: Damask Robe, Travelers Pack (Container), Travelers Pouch (Container)


Additional Zone Information

- The only way for you to reach Najena is through Lavastorm Mountains which is connected to Nektulos Forest.

- The named enemy in this zone, Najena, drops Flowing Black Robe which is used in the Necromancer 1.0 quest.

Najena Allakhazam Zone Information

Najena P99 Zone Information