City of Mist - Kunark Leveling Guide

City of Mist Leveling Locations

The City of Mist is one of my favorite leveling locations in the entire game. The enemies you find here hit pretty hard for their level but they seem to also have a bit lower HP than the enemies you'll find elsewhere. Also this zone has a pretty high ZEM (Zone Experience Modifier) which is pretty noticable!

Players between the levels of 35 - 40 with a group will want to stick around the Emerald Jungle zone line. The mobs in this area are the lowest level in the zone and if you get in over your head the ZL is right there. I've found that the best locations to camp in this level range are either the north or south side of the map above where you see the blue circles.

Once you and your group start passing level 40 you'll be able to slowly work your way into the zone a bit further to the purple circle on the map above. The enemies starting increasing in level a bit as you progress further west through te zone.

I'd recommend you stay in the purple circle until your group is at least 45+ which is when it'll be safe enough to proceed to the western most part of the zone, where you see the red circle on my map above. Groups 45+ will be able to kill around the large building but I wouldn't recommend going inside unless you're ready for a fight.


Blue Circles = the lowest level places to camp in the zone with the easiest monsters. Although you still need to be careful what you're pulling.

Purple Area = slightly higher level than the blue circles and slightly more rewarding.

Red Area = This is the hardest area in the ground floor of City of Mist. This area also leads to the upper levels which contains most of the hardest monsters to kill in the zone.


War Bone Overlord: Calcified Bone Gauntlets, Shield of the Mist

Captain of the Guard: Red Silk Lined Boots, Normally Junk

Plaguebone Warlord: Mysterious Glowing Sleeves, Simple Cape of the Seer

Gyrating Green Slime: Mystical Gyrating Necklace, Slimy Green Ring

Dread Wraith: Ornate Rune Blade, Ornate Rune Shield, Brass Stud of Wonder

Mighty Golem: Mace of the Shadowed Soul



Additional Zone Information

- The only zone connected to City of Mist is Emerald Jungle. Both Wizards and Druids get a port to EJ - otherwise you'll have to reach EJ through Field of Bone. If PoP is out take the Cabilis Stone to reach FoB.

- City of Mist has one of the highest ZEMs (Zone Experience Modifiers) on Kunark.

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