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Plane of Shadow - RoF Leveling Guide

Plane of Shadow is one of the largest zones added in the Rain of Fear expansion pack. This zone has plenty of areas to kill which are in a wide open field as well as an absolutely massive castle with multiple floors for you to hunt in. I don't know that much about the inside of the castle, but I explored it a bit when RoF was current. I found a decent camp which I dubbed the Tempest Camp inside.

If you'd like to learn more about the camp just follow the previous link provided. It's an older leveling guide that I wrote before revamping my website but it still has a decent amount of current info. Smaller groups are whom I would recommend the Tempest Camp too, similar to the Gloomshell and Nightwing camp marked in Red on my map above. In the huge field down south you'll find Xi Dyn as well as Nightwing.

Finally the location far up north which covers the mini islands has about three different nameds which you can pull, Kaas Thox, An Astral Wanderer and Xal Zeth. There was a guide I wrote about this camp in the early days of RoF that was a part of my older EQ Leveling Guides. I've preserved the guide as it still contains a lot of useful information. If you'd like to take a look follow the link provided: PoShadow Water Camp Leveling Location.


Additional Information

- All Rain of Fear zones can be reached through Shard's Landing once you complete the attunement quest for that zone's portal. If it's your first time coming to Plane of Shadow you'll need to take the long way here.

- If you're having trouble managing your Inventory Space I highly recommend you invest in some Extraplanar Trade Satchels which are 32 Slot Tradeskill Bags. Alternatively you could also buy Unexpanded Tailored Backpacks as well. Though, the Backpacks will likely be more expensive. Follow the links provided to learn more about each item.

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