Skyfire Mountains - Kunark Leveling Guide

Skyfire Mountains is one absolutely massive hilly zone with a ton of different enemies to kill! During the Kunark days there's usually always a group here if for no other reason than to help a Cleric friend/guildy grind out the Pearlescent Pearls for their Epic 1.0 quest.

Most groups camp either The Overthere ramp, the area to the east of the Wizard Port in or all the way up north around where Warder Cecilia on the map above. The outer walls of this zone are all basically safe for any kiters to pull to and run back and forth along which makes this zone a great soloing area for people in this level range without many other options.

All of the enemies in this zone drop regular every day Kunark spells except for the level 60 enemies named 'a guardian wurm' these guys drop the rare level 60 Kunark spells that you can't find from many other locations. Spells like Avatar, Emissary of Thule, Sunstrike, Torpor and others.

The last thing worth mentioning about this zone is if Talendor is up, one of the Kunark raid bosses, you'll have to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times while you're pulling. This guy has an absolutely massive agro radius and the first thing he does when you agro him his fear. It's basically death for anyone soloing here if they agro him.



Additional Zone Information

- Wizards and Druids can port to Skyfire Mountains which is the best way here. Alternatively you can also reach this zone through The Overthere and Burning Woods. If PoP is out the fastest way here is by taking The Overthere stone.

- There's a rare chance to find Pearlescent Fragments off the enemies you kill here which are part of the Cleric Epic 1.0.

- There's a rare chance to find Immortals off the enemies you kill here which are part of the Monk Epic 1.0.

- The raid boss Talendor spawns in this zone. He patrols an extremely long path that covers the majority of the zone.

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