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EQ Fabled Event Guide

Fabled events happen every year in March during Everquest's Anniversary celebration. During The Fabled Event Nammeds that are part of EQ become "Fabled". They will drop exceptionally better loot, but become much harder to kill. The Fabled event lasts a few weeks so get the loot while you can! Examples of what you'll find from the Fabled mobs is below;

Fabled Aegis of Judgment
Aegis of Judgment

Fabled Abram's Axe of Stoic
Abram's Axe of Stoic

Fabled Blade of War
Blade of War

Fabled Shortsword of the Ykesha
Shortsword of the Ykesha

The nammed mobs that Sony uses for the Fabled Event's come from the first 4 expansions. Which means they use Kunark, Velious, Luclin and Planes of Power nammeds. They have stated that they have no plans of increasing this list to include any further expansions because it will require too much coding. Below is a list of each contient included in the fabled event, with a list of every fabled and their drops on that continent.






Planes of Power