Ocean of Tears - Classic Leveling Guide

Low Level Goblin Isle: (10 - 17) This island is packed with low level Goblins that cast a bunch of really annoying spells and run when they get low on health. Also has a named on it, Oracle of K'Arnon (level 40) who drops Robe of the Oracle.

Undead Isle: (15 - 25) This island has a ton of undead skeletons on it which are great for those 15 - 25. Gargoyles also spawn with the undead skeletons and the two species of monsters fight each other. On the inner part of Undead Island there is a large tower surrounded by spectres which are levels 33+ and offer a good place to hunt for those 30 - 35.

Mid Level Goblin Isle: (20 - 27) This island has a ton of really fast moving Goblins that also run when they get low health. I can't say I recommend this island too much since the agro radius is really high on the Goblins and you almost always get a whole pack when pulling. There's an NPC on this island, Elesseryl Terussar, that sells mage pets that can't be purchased anywhere else.

Cyclops Isle: (35 - 50) This island is one of the best leveling locations in Classic EQ. It has a ton of mobs for you to kill, they're super spread out which makes pulling singles easy as can be and they hit for total crap! I come to this location on all of my characters during Classic EQ at the earliest level they can handle it which is usually 35 but sometimes 37.

At Cyclops Isle there's a rare chance you'll get an ancient cyclops to spawn which drops Ring of the Ancients. This item is used in the Journeyman's Boots quest and the loot rights can be sold to players if you're not interested or you can sell the MQ. On top of that ring you can also kill Captain Surestout nearby and loot Bracers of Erollisi.

Elite Goblin Isle: (45 - 60) This is the hardest goblin isle in Ocean of Tears and aside from XP it totally blows. The goblins here don't even drop plat or Fine Steel Weapons they drop copper and silver and Rusty Weapons!!! Much like the previous islands too these goblins are super annoying. They run at low health and cast a lot of annoying spells. The upside is this is a pretty good location if you're looking to be left alone.



Additional Zone Information

- There is an NPC in this zone, Elesseryl Terussar, that sells mage pets that can't be purchased anywhere else.

- There are two ways for players to reach Ocean of Tears. Both require you to speak with a Translocator NPC in either Butcherblock Mountains or East Freeport.

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