PoP Leveling Guide - Plane of Storms






7/13/17 - I honestly do not know much about this zone so this page won't be very descriptive or informative. If you have any information about this zone you'd be willing to share with me please post it in the comments section below. Nameds, camp locations, important and useful quests that take place here... Anything useful that you know.



Additional Information

- You can reach Plane of Storms by clicking on the 'stormy mountain' in northern Plane of Tranquility. For directions on how to reach Plane of Storms follow the link provided.

- The quest Aiding Askr in Plane of Storms is required for Planar Progression. For more information on how to complete this quest follow the link provided to read my walkthrough.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

Plane of Storms Allakhazam Zone Information