Lower Guk - Classic Leveling Guide

LGuk Living

This is the Lower Guk "Living Side". The tunnels throughout this area are commonly solo'd by well geared Necromancers or other classes with good solo capabilities or they're taken out by groups small in number. The further south you go, starting about when you pass the Froglok Noble enemies start taking a difficulty hike and coming in pairs or worse.

These are the easiest named enemies to solo in the tunnels area:

A Minotaur Elder: Chrysoberyl Talisman, Carved Ivory Mask

A Minotaur Patriarch: Azure Sleeves, Ebony Bladed Sword

An Evil Eye: Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye

If you're a boxer or with a group you'll find better EXP further south at the Froglok Crusader camp or the Froglok Herbalist/Froglok King. Check below for more information on what these nameds drop. The first item on the list is their common drop with the second item being their rare.

A Froglok Noble: White Gold Necklace, Gilded Cloth

A Froglok Crusader: Runed Falchion, Mithril-Runed Tunic

A Froglok Yun Priest: Silver-plated Leggings, Amethyst Bracelet

A Froglok Herbalist: Mithril Frog Totem, Shimmering White Shroud

A Froglok Tactician: Black Tome with Silver Runes, Platinum Tiara

The Froglok King: Crown of the Froglok Kings, Mithril Two-Handed Sword

That's all the named enemies you can find in the southern portion of Lower Guk aka the Live Side! Once you go far enough south in LGuk to reach the living Frogloks you'll find the EXP to be about the same as what you'd get up north in the Undead Frogloks.

The only downside of hunting the Living Frogloks I can think of is it'll make you hostile to the Frogloks in Upper Guk. Where as on the other side of things; killing the Undead Frogloks actually builds your reputation with the living ones.

LGuk Undead

The location on the map above is best known as the Undead Side of Lguk or the northern portion and will be extremely tough for you without a group (assuming it's Classic EQ still when you read this). There are quite a few different named enemies for you to kill up here too; some of which can also be killed with small groups or sometimes even solo by a well geared and skilled player.

Here is a list of all the different named enemies which you'll encounter on the undead side of LGuk:

A Reanimated Hand: Adamantite Band, Ivory Bracelet, Serpentine Bracer

The Ghoul Arch Magus: Shining Metallic Robes, Silversilk Leggings

The Ghoul Lord: Short Sword of Ykesha, Skull-shaped Barbute

A Frenzied Ghoul: Moonstone Ring, Flowing Black Silk Sash

A Ghoul Sentinel: Dark Mail Gauntlets, Brigandine Tunic

A Ghoul Ritualist: Embroidered Black Cape, Embroidered Black Sleeves

A Ghoul Assassin: Mask of Deception, Serrated Bone Dirk
A Ghoul Supplier: Light Burlap Sack, Thick Banded Belt

A Ghoul Savant: Enameled Black Mace, Enameled Black Chestplate

A Ghoul Cavalier: Adamantite Epaulets, Dark Reaver

A Ghoul Sage: Braided Cinch Cord, Runed Cowl

A Ghoul Executioner: Executioners Hood, Executioner's Axe

There are quite a few nameds that I listed above that are in extreme demand during classic. In particular the Ass/Sup camp is almost always camped 24/7 during this era since the ghoul assassin drops Mask of Deception which is a Dark Elf Illusion clicky.


Additional Zone Information

- The only way to reach Lower Guk is through Upper Guk which is connected to Innothule Swamp.

- The ghoul assassin will stop dropping Mask of Deception once Kunark goes live on a server.

- Mana Stone was removed from the game as a drop entirely and has never made any appearance on an Everquest TLP. I know this for a fact, I've played on them all.

Lower Guk Allakhazam Zone Information

Lower Guk P99 Zone Information