Crypt of Decay - TBM Leveling Guide

Crypt of Decay Leveling Locations

A little warning before you get excited about anything in Tier 2 TBM... In all TBM Tier 2 content you'll have a debuff placed on you until you complete the entire expansion's progression. This debuff will decrease your total health, mana and endurance by 25 - 30% depending on how long you stay in the zone.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at both of the camps I have listed for this location! The first one worth talking about is the light blue circle just next to the zone in from Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life. This is the best camp for smaller or weaker groups as it's literally right next to the entrance.

The enemies here are spaced out about the same as what you'd find in the original Crypt of Decay (so expect most pulls to be 2 mobs, sometimes 3). There's about 8 trash mobs and the named/PH for you to clear in this area.

If you'd like to kick up the difficulty a bit then from the entrance travel all the way north to the bubonian tunnels. In here you'll find Akkapan Adan, a different named that also drops a pretty valuable augmentation. This aug is used for casters though, unlike the previous one from Fieg.

Akkapan Adan will require a well geared/prepared group as there's no safe spot to camp and you should expect most pulls to be 3 + rats. You'll also have to watch out for traps while in this area, hitting one could spawn 10+ Light blue enemies. It's really a cluster #$%^ so be prepared if you decide to do this camp!

Feig Adan: Grim Memento, Heedless Seal

Akkapan Adan: Feral Tatters, Rummager's Bauble

Expansion-wide Augmentations: Voracity, Avarice, Hypocricy

In addition to the items listed above each named in TBM has a chance of dropping Raw Crypt-Hunter Gear which is used in making the group armor for the TBM expansion. The main difference with the TBM group armor though is it's useful to characters 75 - 105! If you'd like to read more about it I recommend you head over to my TBM Gearing Guide as it'll explain this in more detail.

Also, the named enemies of this expansion also have a chance of dropping Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater and Glowing Essences of Life. These are Spell Runes which will give you Rank 2 spells much like the Briny Essences of the TDS expansion.

Additional Information

Pickzone Threshold: 20 Players

- When in this zone you'll suffer from a debuff that decreases your total HP/MP and Endurance by 25 - 30%. You will need to complete TBM expansion's progression in order to remove this debuff.

- In order to reach Crypt of Decay you'll need to travel to the northern most portion of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay. You'll find a crypt to click on that'll take you to this zone. For more information head on over to my How to get to Crypt of Decay Guide.

- There are four sets of collectibles that you can find in this zone belonging to the Relics of Decay Achievement.

- All of the Tier 2 TBM named enemies have a small chance of dropping an Enameled Box, a 40 slot 100% Weight Reduction container.

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