Gorowyn - Ring of Scale Guide

Much more will be added to this page in the future, I am still learning Gorowyn and the best locations to camp.

One of the best camps I have found in Gorowyn is deep within the zone at the northern most portion. In the large open area just next to the Green & Gold Wulthan's building there's a spot you can park your group and never agro an enemy. You can go AFK here, take a shower, make food and even camp in and out without ever fear of enemies spawning here or wandering into this area.

From this camp you're easily able to pull three different named enemies, Elkikatar, Gnaw and the Wulthan High Inquisitor. Elkiktar is the hardest of the three since he is technically a Kar'zok enemy, one of the enemies in Ring of Scale/Empires of Kunark with the nasty AoE DoT which you can only avoid by completing EoK progression.

Wulthan has the best drops of all three, since he drops a Krazzi Stone which is an aug with both Heroic Dex and Heroic Agility on it - making it a must have for all tanks and melee for many expansions to come. As far as this camp goes, the rest is rather easy - the only enemies you'll fight aside from Kar'zok which are going to pose a problem are the drakes which are few and far between in this area.

The drake enemies here have a super annoying knock back ability. It's not uncommon for them to knock a character back and have them fly over the hand rails into the Wulthan High Inquistor territory. For that reason I recommend you either not pull the drakes or avoid them so long as there are spawns near your camp.

Wulthan High Inquisitor Kraz: Club of Kraz, Krazzi Stone, Power Sources, Spell Runes and Scaled Armor Facets

Elkikatar: Kika Globe, Zikatar, Power Sources, Spell Runes and Scaled Armor Facets

Gnaw: Giant Chokidai Collar, Jade Chokidai Prod of Revenge, Power Sources, Spell Runes and Scaled Armor Facets


Additional Information

Pickzone Threshold: 20

- You can reach Gorowyn through the RoS version of Skyfire Mountains; first take the Guild Hall to The Overthere then follow this guide if you need to for reaching Gorowyn.

- There are a total of four collectible sets that you can find in this zone. For more information about the Gorowyn Collectibles follow the link provided.

- Lacertilia Meat & Lava Lizard Meat drop from the Drakes and Lavalisks in this zone, they're both used in making Kunark Meat Pie.

- There are rare items unique to Empires of Kunark and Ring of Scale zones called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my EoK Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.


Gorowyn Allakhazam Zone Information

Gorowyn EQResource Zone Information