East Wastes - RoF Leveling Guide

This zone is massive and there's many different hunting locations throughout. I'm starting with the location that's surrounding the fear portal that leads to and from Shard's Landing just because that's the closest location to where most of us will enter the zone from.

There's many different enemies that roam around the forested area to the north of the fear portal - they are all spread out enough to make decent targets for soloing but if I remember correctly they can't be snared which means no kiting. You'll find two named enemies in this area, mentioned below.


Galrok the Cold:

Boradain Glacierbane:


West of where you zone into East Wastes from Shard's Landing you'll find one of the better locations to hunt in this zone. On the map above around where it says 'Nightmare' you'll find a bunch of spaced out enemies in a wide open field. Small groups/boxers will find this location to be fantastic for constant single pulls & an occasional named. Just make camp near the shore and pull down here to avoid roamers agroing you.




Fjloaren Icebane:


The only place on the map above that's common for groups to camp at is the Orc Fort smack dab in the center of the zone. This spot is also where the Crystal Caverns (RoF version) zone line is at. Inside of the fort there's two nameds which can spawn, with an additional named spawning a wee bit outside the orc fort.

Around the orc fort to the north, east and west you'll find some other named enemies. They're all pretty spaced out which make them easy pickings for any well geared solo/duo players or for smaller groups.


Chief Ry`Gorr:

Firband the Black:

Yngaln the Frozen:

Tain Hammerfrost:

Kurlok the Mad:

Corbin Blackwell:


On the map above, there's a single location that stands out amongst the rest - the large giant fort due west of the Great Divide zone line. This fort has three named enemies (if you count Warden Bruke) and is meant for full groups or well geared smaller groups. Soloers may be able to pick off Warden Bruke with ease though since he spawns outside of the fort; also drops an Aug.

The other nameds outside the giant fort aren't exactly easy pickings either, Kurlok the Mad is in ruins to the northeast and each building has two or three mobs each. There's also a butt load of roamers in this area, it's very common to get mob after mob after mob walking up to you as you're fighting one. Coldshanks is a dwarf in another dwarf encampment.


Ice Giant Nameds:

Warden Bruke:

Ghrek Squatnot:

Ekelng Thunderstone:


Drummon Coldshanks:

Kurlok the Mad:



Additional Information

- https://www.almarsguides.com/eq/leveling/RoF/locations/MoreInfo/EastWastes/ZoneIn.cfm


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