Muramite Proving Grounds - OoW Leveling Guide

Muramite Proving Grounds Map

Muramite Proving Grounds is one massive dungeon crawl without many safe areas to camp... if any at all! The enemies in this zone are all extremely spaced out too which makes it rather bad for an EXP grind if that's what you're after. It does however make it pretty darn good for farming nameds!

On the map above each name in red is one a different named within the zone.

Aneuk Tyrannist: Blooddrinker's Vial, Bonesheath Cloak

Fleshthreader Dashii: Ring of Whispers, Whisperfoot Charm

Taskfiend Caikap: Soul-Imbued Ring, Veintapper's Stone

Discordling Enchainer Kuroun: Kuuan Infantry Greaves, Ornate Inlay Neck Crest

Hunter Leisov: Murkglider Skin Cloak, Weblock Chain Leggings

Kyv Hunter Lheun: Bluestitch Stone, Woven Feran Hide Cloak

Lieutenant Commander Nak`Muram: Muramite Bladebreaker, Voran's Sash

Battlemaster Denik: Petrified Bazu Bone, Suelthresh Ring

Strategist Kin`Muram: Hardened Mindstorm Oil, Necklace of the Stormcaller

Miseryfiend Ghio: Discord Battle Mage Mantle, Spellsheen Leggings

Neuromancer Vionne: Cord of the Dawning Mind, Golem Heartstone

Noc Bloodluster Zieh: Pendant of Introspection, Stone of Echodawn

Odiumate Isienne: Selevar's Shoulder Guard, Stone of the Bloodstill

Blind Hunter Rekamu: Ground Murkglider Eyes, Warclasp Earring

Cadavor Fonidan: Bloodrunner Belt, Shimmering Feran Hide Leggings

Stormer: Slavekeeper's Maul, Thunderchain Mantle

Cleaver Wiex: Coldforged War Hammer, Rusted Muramite Battle Crest

Sentinel Siofet: Duskwalker Sash, Sword of Midwinter's Vengeance

Diodite Bluespark: Bloodforge Hammer, Duskwalker Cape

Those are all of the different named enemies you'll come across in Muramite Proving Grounds and the items that they drop.


Additional Information

- The fastest way to reach MPG is by getting a Wizard or Druid to port you to Wall of Slaughter, then run north. If you can't get a portal you'll need to reach Omens of War by traveling through Dranik's Scar.

- The famous MPG Trials which permanently increase your character's resists take place in this zone.

- Named enemies in OoW zones drop spell runes which are used in the Omens of War Class Spells Quest. These runes are as follows... Glowing Muramite Rune (70), Greater Muramite Rune (69), Muramite Rune (68), Lesser Muramite Rune (67), Minor Muramite Rune (66).

Muramite Proving Grounds Allakhazam Zone Information