Plane of Torment - PoP Leveling Guide

Plane of Torment Northern Zone

Plane of Torment is one of the more unique zones in the game. A majority of the zone is extremely narrow passage ways which connect to multiple buildings, which is where the majority of the enemies are. In the screen shot above, I show you the northern most portion of the zone which is where you zone in at.

The first enemies that you run into in this zone are crows. There's a few of them at the entrance area just before the first bridge. They're 58 - 59 and are the easiest enemies in the zone. Once you pass the birds, at the entrance to every building and at every path's junction you'll find Boruk enemies, they're basically beefed up bipedal bears. Typically two of them guard each building/intersection - they're typically the same level as the crows.

As far as good spots to camp go, I would recommend that if you have a group you pick one of the many different buildings and camp out in there. Most buildings in this part of the zone have 10 + mobs that spawn in them which is more than enough for most smaller groups. If you're a bigger group and want more enemies, try the locations talked about below.

A pain golem: Ethereal and Spectral Parchments

The Avatar of Anguish: Orb of Anguish, Ethereal Parchment

The Avatar of Agony: Orb of Agony

A sorrow seeker: Hunter of Plane of Torment


Plane of Torment Southern Zone

Above is the southern portion of Plane of Torment and not every building you see on the map above can be made into a camp. The southern most building has a raid boss in it which is part of The Key to Saryrn's Chambers quest and should be avoided for all EXP groups.

The eastern most and western most towers on the map above are both the smallest camps in the area. There's only about half the spawns in these two structues than what you would find in the two southern towers where it says "The Avatar of XYZ" on the map above.

As for the large tower in the center of the map, you'll need to complete The Key to Saryrn's Chambers quest that's mentioned and linked to in order to gain access to this building. If you do complete the quest though, this tower is multiple levels high with different nameds/sometimes a raid mini on the floors as they ascend up. It's actually the best hunting location in the zone for well geared/high level groups.


A Kaniz flesh flayer: Hunter of Plane of Torment

Dirge Malicia: Ethereal Parchment

A pain devourer: Hunter of Plane of Torment

The Avatar of Suffering: Orb of Suffering

The Avatar of Pain: Orb of Pain

The Mouths of Misery:

Baraguj Szuul (Raid Boss): Band of Miserable Souls, Mouths of Baraguj Szuul, Rapier of Curses, Shadowhide Gloves, Slippers of Eternal Nightmares



Additional Information

- You can access Plane of Torment through the floating stone in the center of the four buildings in the center portion of Plane of Tranquility.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

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