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Heart of Fear (The Epicenter) - RoF Leveling Guide

Heart of Fear The Epicenter Leveling Locations

Heart of Fear: The Epicenter (C) is the third and final of the Heart of Fear zones. In order to reach this zone you'll need invis that works against both Undead and Living monsters or you'll need to be really darn careful and be legitimately good at slaloming through enemies.

Because of those reasons I don't recommend this zone or any of the camps I am going to talk about on this page to any solo players or those without a group. This location is strictly reserved for groups and/or boxers. During RoF you should bring a full group, once TDS hits and the level cap is 105 3 players + mercs will do just fine.

Now, about this location...

As you can see from the map above I have three different locations marked. These are the best camps I personally have found within the zone and the only ones I will talk about within this guide. The first of which is Soulhollow & A Vision of Fear. Soulhollow spawns down in the pit as well as along the stairwell winding up the side of the cliff. A Vision of Fear spawns in the pit as well as on the walkway.

Soulhollow's unique ability is to summon an army of little guys to beat on you as you're killing him. If your tank doesn't use his cooldowns properly or your DPS doesn't burn Soulhollow fast enough the little enemies he summons could become a problem rather quickely.

There are a few areas you can position your group around Soulhollow's camp that won't result in getting you attacked by any of the enemies that are in the general area. The first of which is up on the ledge next to the destroyable crystals. The second location is down in the ditch - both are marked on my map.

Soulhollow: Candle of Hollowed Souls, Totem of Soulhollow, Totem of Souls

A Vision of Fear: Intricate Fear-Tainted Earring, Manifest Fear-Tainted Earring, Mindshatter
You can avoid this named altogether if you don't care about his loot and/or don't want dreadmotes.

After Soulhollow the next spot marked on my map above is the area right smack dab in the center of the zone. You may recognize this area as one of the Hear of Fear raids takes place here as well as a group mission. This area doesn't have any named enemies which is why I chose it to talk about.

If you're just looking for some EXP and don't want to be bothered with any nameds this is the best place for you to hunt in the entire zone. The large room has plenty of alarans and other enemies and if you run out of stuff to pull here you can always pull from one of the hallways. Just avoid the southern most hallway leading to Soulhollow cause there's a named spider that spawns in here that is really difficult.

Finally the last location I would like to talk about is the Herald of Fear. This named is the easier of the two named enemies that I am covering for this zone guide - and the easiest of the three camps as well. In the far back end of the tunnel where Herald of Fear spawns you'll find a few 'safe' locations for you and your group to sit.

A Herald of Fear: Herald's Glyph, Herald's Shawl, Runed Shawl

It's very difficult to describe where they are through text - one is next to a destroyable crystal and the other is closer to the back of the cave. They aren't hard to see yourself once you spend enough time in the zone - the large specter that wanders the halls doesn't ever agro you so all you have to worry about is the mobs that spawn in their locations and never move. Avoid them and you win!

That's basically all there is to the Heart of Fear: The Epicenter. As you could imagine there are many more camps here than just these two nameds. I like these two nameds since they drop valuable augs and I play on FV. Also since basically everyone needs Augs they work out for people who play on live servers too!

Additional Information

- In order to reach Heart of Fear: The Epicenter you'll need to travel to Shard's Landing then through both Heart of Fear A and B.

- If you're having trouble managing your Inventory Space I highly recommend you invest in some Extraplanar Trade Satchels which are 32 Slot Tradeskill Bags. Alternatively you could also buy Unexpanded Tailored Backpacks as well. Though, the Backpacks will likely be more expensive. Follow the links provided to learn more about each item.

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