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Steamfont Mountains - Classic Leveling Guide

Steamfont Mountains

The large Blue circle on my map above is where you'll want to do your killing for the first 4 or so levels as a Gnome. You'll find all tons of different yard trash throughout this location with tons for you to kill. If the server just launched and this zone is packed - go to one of the 'nooks' in the eastern portion of the zone for some privacy/more enemies to kill.

Once you reach level 4 or 5 move a bit north to the three windmills area, they're just above the blue circle on my map. You can safely pull enemies down to this area or venture a bit further north to the large Purple circle which has more enemies and a greater mixture of a level range.

Finally the last area in Steamfont Mountains, for the highest level players, is the Minotaurs. To the northeast of the Purple circle you'll find a cave full of Minotaurs and then you have the Red circle on the opposite end of the map. This is another area with a few Minotaur enemies for you to kill.


Blue Area - Kill the yard trash here from levels 1 - 4

Purple Area - Kill the yard trash here from levels 4 - 10

Red Area - If you're still in Steamfont looking to level up past 10 this is the best place to go with Minotaurs. Good for players 10 - 15


Additional Zone Information

- There are two zone connections to Steamfont Mountains prior to PoK. The first is Ak'anon, the Gnome City and the second is Lesser Faydark which is of course connected to Greater Faydark.

- If you're a Gnome Shadow Knight or Necromancer or just any Gnome that worships Bertox you'll need to kill the Minotaurs in this zone at some point for reputation with the parcel NPC.

- This is one of the very few locations to farm Brownie Parts at which are used in many different Baking Recipes early on in EQ.

- Steamfont Mountains has gotten a texture overhaul since the release of the game. It won't be the same Steamfont that players see on P99 or saw in original EQ. The zone is still fundamentally the same it just looks different, like Misty Thicket.

Steamfont Mountains Allakhazam Zone Information

Steamfont Mountains P99 Zone Information (May be out of date for some things)