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Thalassius Coral Keep

When you first zone into Thalassius, the Coral Keep you'll find yourself on a platform in the middle of a lake. No enemies roam onto this platform, you're safe here, but in the water and on the surrounding land you'll find many different enemies to fight as well as two different nameds which spawn up here.

If you aren't a boxer or part of a full group I would recommend you stick around this area of Thalassius. You fairly easily pull singles/doubles from the beaches throughout the zone and even test your abilities on either of the two nameds if you get them to spawn. If you decide to go deeper into the zone you'll be going through rooms where you'll be getting 3 to 5 enemies per pull.

Wavecrasher: Cloak of Crashing Waves, Mask of Crashing Waves

Muckdiver: Muckdiver Fin Earring, Muckdiver's Eye (Aug)


Thalassius Coral Keep

The map above is the inside portion of Thalassius, the Coral Keep. As you can see the place is pretty darn big and has a couple different named enemies scattered throughout. In an effort to explain the zone better and make things easier, I have split the map above into two portions with a purple line.

Above the line you see on the map above is mostly all Elemental, Golem, Imp, Ooze, Regrua and other enemies. Below the line is when you'll encounter almost all kedge enemies, which are floating lizard like humanoids that are usually casters. I'd argue that the southern half of the zone, once you get into the kedge area also is a bit more challenging than what you encounter up north.

Phyrael Mollotus: Phyrael's Belt of Coral, Phyrael's Coral Collar

Brendanus Riordan: Doesn't drop anything good but has a buttload of HP and feels like a named

Kraj Iuralapos: Broken Compass, Glowing Seaweed Amice



Additional Information

- In order to reach Thalassius, the Coral Keep you'll want to take the Guild Hall portal to Katta Castrum. Once there travel southeast to find the Thalassius portal. For more information on How to get to Thalassius, the Coral Keep follow the link provided to be taken to that guide.

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