Combine Dredge - TDS Leveling Guide

Combine Dredge Leveling Locations

The Combine Dredge is the second to last zone in TDS progression and it's one of the more frequented TDS zones for the Powersource that drops here. As you might already be aware almost all of the TDS zones has a unique Powersource which you can find from nameds there. This zone has the Tank Powersource.

Looking at the map above, you can see three locations which I have marked. Let's start with the light blue circle, marked with a 1 on the map above.

(1) This location is home of the named Vicarum Spiritus Psyche. The named itself doesn't drop really anything nice (the loot's listed below) - the only reason this named made the list is because you can very easily camp inside the boat all the way up north and only worry about pulling this named and its adds. You can even safely AFK up here in the adjacent room without worrying about death!

(2) Necromaticus Abominatio is found in the "quarry" area in the northeastern portion of my map above, light green in color. This named drops a weapon aug but again nothing really that impressive. You can safely make camp on the first level of the quarry and pull all named spawn locations.

(3) The final location is the hardest one in the entire zone, Franchessa the Feared! This named is in an area with about a dozen trash mobs that you'll have to clear and most pulls are 2+ enemies! You'll have to be very careful while you hunt here and you'll definitely need a full group! The upside is though she drops a fancy smancy Heroic Stamina aug with AC!

Franchessa the Feared: Fragment of Tenacity, Shoulder Guards of Alarm

Necromaticus Abominatio: Bone Fragment Belt, Bone Shards of Frozen Marrow

Vicarum Spiritus Psyche: Arcus Spiritus, Iumentor Spiritus

Along with all of the items mentioned for each of these named enemies; they also have a chance of dropping.. Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Briny Essences. These items are the Rank 2 Spell Runes of The Darkened Sea expansion pack. Ontop of these items the nameds you find will also drop Highwater Armor.

This is the Tier 3 armor for TDS and is made in a similar fashion to the Castaway Armor which I have a guide for.


Additional Information

- You have to complete the majority of TDS progression to zone into Combine Dredge. For more information about How to Get to Combine Dredge head over to that guide.

- There are four sets of collectibles in this zone that you can find belonging to the Far, Wide and Deep Achievement.

- The zonewide Powersource drop for this TDS zone is Geomantic Steelstone, for tanks.

- There are rare items unique to The Darkened Sea called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my TDS Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.

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