OoW Leveling Guide - Bloodfields


#1: This is the easiest area to pull too with the least density of mobs. Also it's nearest to the Dranik's Scar zone line which makes for a quick getaway if things go south.

#2: This area is slightly more densly populated than #1 and I'd recommend for smaller groups or boxers.

#3: This area is extremely dense compared to the previous two locations and I can only recommend it to groups who find the other two locations too easy.



Additional Information

- Wizards and Druids can port to Bloodfields which is the fastest and easiest way here. Without ports you'll need to run through Dranik's Scar to get here which is reached by talking to the Priest of Discord in PoK.

- Named enemies in OoW zones drop spell runes which are used in the Omens of War Class Spells Quest. These runes are as follows... Glowing Muramite Rune (70), Greater Muramite Rune (69), Muramite Rune (68), Lesser Muramite Rune (67), Minor Muramite Rune (66).

Bloodfields Allakhazam Zone Information