Icefall Glacier - TSS Leveling Guide

The southern portion of Icefall Glacier can be split into a few different hunting grounds. First up, far to the east in the caves you'll find lots of Goblins. Soloers won't do too well over here but boxers will find this to be a sufficient stomping grounds.

Soloers, right when you zone into Icefall Glacier from The Steppes, this is your home. You'll find this to be a great soloing location for many levels to come and many expansions to come, especially if you're a class that primarily kites. There's mammoths, tigers, rabbits and even bears for you to choose from. On the eastern portion of this area, near the ruins you'll find a vendor that you can sell too as well.


Southern Icefall Glacier Nameds:

Frostpaw: Frostpaw Cloak, Stonefrost Belt

Hunter: Belt of the Falls, Hunter's Rage

Stalker of the Plains: Gravelskin Cap, Sabertooth Horn

Tarnuk Farwalker: Farwalker's Hoop, Iceborn Diamond Necklace + Armor Patterns



Northern Icefall Glacier is best split into two parts, the eastern and western valley. Let's start with the western valley, at the top of it just south of the Wizard Port in you'll find Taruskor's spawn, it's a named mammoth that spawns up here away from any other enemies, great if you're a small boxer or group.

A bit further south you'll come across many different goblin and kobold enemies, there's named enemies amongst these guys too but they won't be as easy to pick off single as Taruskor is. Where it says Blackfoot on my map above, just east of him you'll find a cave which consists of multiple rooms which is a good location to farm two different nameds for boxers/groups who like to be out of the way.


Western Valley Nameds:

Snowblind: Ironice Sleeves, Snowblind Globe

Bloodfoot: Bloodfoot Chopper, Warbound Boots

Blackfoot: Blackfoot Fang, Evergleam Gauntlets

Taruskor: Iceborn Band, Mammoth Hide Spaulders, Mammoth Tusk Flute + Boot Armor Patterns

Ironeyes (In Kobold Cave): Cape of the Cave Bear, Ironice Earring

High Seer Longecho (In Kobold Cave): Cape of Echoes, Hearthfire Coif


Finally the eastern valley is a bit more wide open and solo friendly than the western one. At the southern end of the valley you'll find a bunch of frost goblins around the igloos and an occasional coldeye hunter (orc) roaming around the frozen wastes.

The further north you go, the more enemies you'll run into. Along the eastern end of the valley, where it shows the light blue cave system on my map above, you'll find a bunch of polar bears. They're spaced out enough so that small groups/boxers can easily handle them. At the northern most end of the eastern valley surrounding the ruins you'll find a large camp of wolves, again, they're all spread out enough to make easy pickings for smaller groups and you have a bunch of room to kite them around.

Last two locations are an orc fortress in the northeastern portion (purple color on the map above) and the huge maze like caves just south of the orc fortress. As you could imagine the orc fortress is densly populated and would be difficult for anything short of a full group whereas the maze like caves have enemies that're all spread out, which makes it great solo territory.


Eastern Valley Nameds:

Glacier: Ring of the Glacier, Totem of the Lost

Grimjaw: Direwolf Hide Spaulders, Ring of Severed Power

Lowfire: Heart of Ice, Lowfire Belt

Grock Mist Seer: Earring of the Cold Heart, Necklace of Stars + Arm Armor Patterns



Additional Information

- Wizards are able to port to Icefall Glacier, in the northwestern portion of the zone there's Wizard Spires. Otherwise the fastest way here is by getting a Druid port to The Steppes or taking the Guild Hall to Goru'kar Mesa. For more information on How to reach Icefall Glacier, follow the link provided to be taken to my guide.

Icefall Glacier Allakhazam Zone Information