Everquest Anniversary Quest Walkthroughs


Every year during the month of March Everquest releases its Anniversary quests. For the first half of the celebration (until April) they release everything from the 15th Anniversary on up then in April until May they release the rest of the quests.

This page is the index page for all of the Anniversary quests that I have written walkthroughs for. Not every quest is on this page but the majority of quests with good rewards I have written guides for. Simple search for your quest below or the year that your quest was added in order to find it.


13th Anniversary Quests

A Cat-tastrophe -

Breaking Mirrors -

Ferocious Feralings -

Improper Boating Attire -

Lucky 13 -

Music For A Weary Soul -

Not For The Rabbit -

Responsible Mining -

Rumor Has It - Shrink Clicky



14th Anniversary Quests




15th Anniversary Quests

A Ranger's Tale - Bottled Essence of Vex 20k DD Clicky on a 5min Cooldown

Defending Knowledge - Miniature Horn of Unity: 200 HP/MP/END Regen as well as a spell + Melee Damage Shield

War Games - Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem & one of many different Augmentations

What Happens In Neriak... - Diplomatic Papers: Spell & Melee damage absorbtion clicky

Sprucing Up Shakey - Food/Drink Summoning Clickies


16th Anniversary Quests

Dead Dragons - Necromantic Dragon Bone - 22k Single target DD Lifetap

Liquid Courage - Golden Helm of Rallos Zek - Powerful Trophy that is good for tanks

Pirates of Timorous Deep - Shimmering Black Pearl Aug that can go into a Charm


17th Anniversary Quests



18th Anniverary Quests

Tsaph's Day Off - Great Charm



19th Anniversary Quests

Fish Eyes In The Dark

Lost But Not Forgotten