North Karana - Classic Leveling Guide

Northern half of North Karana

The Northern Plains of Karana make a decent hunting location for players throughout their teens. This zone is a bit difficult to write a guide for since all of the enemies are spread out across the entire zone and there is no real location to hunt for your level. Instead all I can really recommend you do is run around aimlessly and kill any dark blues and white cons you come across.

I've created a list of most of the enemies between the levels of 10 and 20 so you can get an idea of what to pull and what to keep an eye out for. The big fire beetles, a pincer beetle and a borer beetle are going to be the main things on your list to kill.

a grizzly bear (9 - 11)
a willowwisp (9 - 14)
a silvermist wolf (10 - 10)
a pincer beetle (10 - 12)
a griffawn (13 - 15)
a highland lion (13 - 15)
a borer beetle (14 - 16)
a ghoul (17 - 17)
a scythe beetle (17 - 19)

The closer you get to 20 the more and more the EXP will slow down here. Also without anyone to kill the Hill Giants in this zone the longer you grind here the more of them you're going to start spawning. I've seen this zone with 20 + hill giants up in it at one time! It was at the start of Ragefire and I had to slalom between them across the zone - it was nuts!

Southern half of North Karana

When I am in NK I usually hunt around the small tower in the central part of the zone. It's at the northern end of this map - just south of the gypsy camp. Since I can't really tell you a good place the hunt the best I can do is tell you where I do it!

The last piece of information I feel I need to share with you is the "other levels" that this zone covers. treats and druids around the druid ring can be hunted if you don't care at all about your faction with these guys. Necromancers may feel this way or other evil classes/races. They're pretty annoying mobs with all the spells they cast but are paper thin.

a treant (23 - 25) - Only kill if you don't care about faction
a druid (23 - 27) - Only kill if you don't care about faction
a griffenne (25 - 27)
a hill giant (33 - 37)
a griffon (35 - 35)

Hill Giants and Griffons wrap up the other half of the zone... But there are too few of them for you to actually try and make a hunt out of it. They have an extremely low spawn rate and are far too sparse for you to actually reliably level off of them. The only way it would work is if you were really undergeared so you had to med a lot and there were lower level players clearing the lower level mobs to get Hill Giants to spawn.


Additional Zone Information

- Druids and Wizards can both port to this zone. In a future expansion, Luclin, players will also be able to arrive at this zone from The Nexus using the Wizard Spires.

- This zone offers one of the best locations to farm Griffon Feathers in Classic EQ as well as High Quality Lion Skins (very valuable).

North Karana Allakhazam Zone Information

North Karana P99 Zone Information