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Lake Rathe - Classic Leveling Guide

Lake Rathe Map

Lake Rathetear is a seldom used zone for levels 15 - 20 south of South Karana, and west of Rathe Mountains. The zone is predominantly water which makes up approximately 90% of the zone; so if your swimming is garbage, you can use the boats that are spread around. The other parts of the zone are small patches of land and a few rocky islands. If you travel clockwise from the South Karana zone line, your trip would looks something like this.

The main camp that a group would use is the gnoll camp directly after you zone in from South Karana. The camp has 9 gnolls altogether with groups of 2, 3 and 4. The gnolls range from levels 14-21; the highest level gnoll is a gnoll embalmer who stays on the dock away from the camp. You'll have to snare the mobs you're fighting because they run and can bring a whole camp back to you!
East of the gnolls you’ll find a small patch of land with Shmendrik Lavawalker; who is an npc involved with the cleric epic quest.

Continue east and you’ll see a tiny camp with 4 orcs ranging from levels 13-21; if you pull an orc the rest will aggro because this camp is seriously tiny! Directly behind the orc camp are 4 barbarian rogues ranging from levels 7-9.

Further east of the orcs/barbs lies a larger plot of land with a bandit camp. The camp comprises only 6 bandits that are levels 9-11. Like most camps in this zone the initial pull could bring multiple mobs, so be careful.

Head southeast and you’ll not only see the path that leads to Rathe Mountains (and Hill Giants!) but you’ll see a camp of indifferent ogres with a merchant inside the small stone building. Directly across the hill with the ogres is a hill with another tightly packed bandit camp; the camp holds 5 bandits who are levels 9-11.

Go due south and you’ll find a big grassy ledge with a tower holding 2 stone skeletons that are level 25, a single aviak guard on a wooden perch who is level 16-20, and 2 humans called Kazen Fecae and Embel Kabae (Necromancer epic npcs). Travel southwest and you’ll find another large piece of land with a gypsy camp. The small camp of 4 has 3 merchants, so there are plenty of merchants to sell to!

Go west and south until you see an island between the cliffs; you’ll find a small aviak camp with 2 guards in a tower. Continue south and you’ll find a camp with a dock, monument, and tent with Jonah Brucker inside; he’s level 15. Going north out of the cove you’ll go west until you see a large barbarian fishing village.

From the barbarian fishing village head north and you’ll find the aviak camp with 7 aviaks spread out. The mobs are levels 16-20 and shouldn’t be too hard to pull in singles. This camp also holds the entrance to the Arena, so go PvP a little bit! Heading north again, you find a small cove with a tower and 2 level 15 guards on Qeynos Guard faction. Go east from the tower and cove and you’ll be right back to the gnoll camp where you started.

There are also a few islands with npc’s on them. The northwest island has a large staircase leading to a flaming platform. The northeast island has a tower with a human named Kanthum, and two erudite named Cyanell and Eldreth (both quest mobs). There is also an island to the southwest that has a single aviak tower with 2 aviak guards.

The last thing in this zone is an underwater tunnel with a tower in the middle of it. You can access this tunnel by swimming east of the northeast island or west of the northwest island. There are aqua goblins inside who are levels 9-11. The tower under the water holds the mobs Deep and Lord Bergurgle (Levels 58 and 30).

Lake Rathetear is a unique zone with a few things to offer soloers and a few groups. It’s not the kind of zone you’ll find many people at, so you’ll have to bring more with you if you want to group. There are camps for groups, but not many. The biggest positive to this zone however is the scenery and the sound of the waves.


Additional Zone Information

- A small but tedious part of the Cleric epic takes place in this zone. Lord Bergurgle is an aqua goblin that spawns in the northern part of the zone. He must be killed for Lord Bergurgle's Crown. This item is tied in with the NPC marked on the map, Shmendrik Lavawalker.

- This zone is connected to The Arena which is a PvP battleground. This is a great place for players looking to raise their defense by letting someone elses pet attack them or weapon skill ups by attacking other players pets.

- There are three zones which connect to Lake Rathe, South Karana, Rathe Mountains and The Arena. Once PoP hits there'll be a PoK book in The Arena. Until then you'll have to come here through either Rathe Mountains (connected to The Feerrott) or South Karana (connected to North Karana).

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