Lceanium Leveling Locations - Empires of Kunark

Lceanium is the entrance zone for the Empires of Kunark expansion pack. You can reach this zone through fastest through The Guild Hall by purchasing and using Fragment of the Combine Spire. As you can see from the map above I have three different locations marked. We'll start with the first and easiest one, the green circle just to the west of Lceanium.

On the western end of Lceanium you'll find a handful of spiders that spawn and a named. The named is a bit tough but this location is one of the better locations to kill if you're in a smaller group or not geared appropriately for this expansion. The enemies are all spread out so you won't be getting large pulls and they don't do anything too deadly.

The named on the other hand, Dread Drikat, has an extremely annoying lifetap DoT which you won't be able to out DPS unless you can actually pack a decent punch. He drops a 2H weapon aug though which is a decent upside for the named being such an annoying one.

If you'd rather hunt to the south of Lceanium that's an option too, there's more spiders to the south and they sometimes are grouped in pairs of 3 which could be an issue for you. You'll find enough spiders roaming though for single or double pulls. The other named spider on the southern end of Lceanium is Tithnak Shadowhunter.

Dread Drikat: Drachnid Clawpoint, Amorphous Armor

Tithnak Shadowhunter: Woven Silk Sash, Shadowhunter's Ring, Amorphous Armor

Next up on the list of locations is the large blue circle that you see to the east of Lceanium. For anyone that happens to be color bind it's the large circle in the center of the map. This is actually my favorite location in the entire zone because it has two extremely easy nameds and one of them drops a bangin aug.

You can make camp against the Lceanium wall or to the southern end of the zone along the mountain.... or plop right in the middle of the field like I usually do. Only the Yetis here will attack you if you're uninvised and they seldom roam through the area.

The two nameds that we're here to fight are The Blazing Hen as well as The Stone Dove. Neither of them do anything impressive at all except for their innate cockatrice abilities which consists of a fairly long duration stun effect. In addition to that you should keep in mind that every cockatrice is social.

Meaning if you do camp in the center of the field you'll get some adds if another cockatrice walks by while you're killing his friend. The loot tables for both nameds can be found below; The Blazing Hen's loot table is far far better than The Stone Dove's.

The Blazing Hen: Feathered Mask, Glittering Amber Fragment, Amorphous Armor

The Stone Dove: Dove's Cry, Stone Feather, Amorphous Armor

Finally, last but not least we have the Yeti Caves which are marked with a big red circle on my map above. It's the location furthest east and the only circle that's overtop caves. Out of all the locations I have shined some light on this one by far is the hardest - it'll take a well prepared group to hunt here risk free.

As you could imagine inside the tunnels there's basically no safe location to camp. There's yetis that spawn everywhere and there are even some roamers throughout the caves which you'll need to keep an eye out for too. The Place holder you'll want to kill in order to get the Matriarch to spawn is a huge tundra yeti.

I'd recommend you make camp somewhere you're comfortable with that's within pulling range of one or two of the PH enemies.

Yeti Matriarch: Sash of Matted Yeti Hair, Amorphous Armor

That's all for my Lceanium Leveling Guide. There are other locations that you may find which could offer you as good EXP or loot as the ones listed on this page. Just because they aren't mentioned here doesn't mean that they aren't any good! These are just the locations I have personally tested and hunted at long enough to go into detail about.

One last thing to mention is that many of the named enemies in the EoK expansion drop a scribeable Tradeskill booklet called Simple Secrets of the Combine Hero. It seems to be about a 20% drop rate or so off a bunch of different named enemies in EoK.


Additional Zone Information

Pickzone Threshold: 35 Players

- There are four sets of collectibles that you can find in this zone belonging to the Reunification Achievement.

- The fastest way for players to reach Lceanium is by purchasing a Fragment of the Combine Spire in the Guild Hall and taking the portal.

- There are rare items unique to Empires of Kunark and Ring of Scale zones called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my EoK Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.


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