Nektulos Forest - Classic Leveling Guide

Nektulos Forest Leveling Locations

Welcome to Nektulos Forest, the Dark Elf noobie starting zone! Those of you just starting out and looking for enemies to hunt, you'll want to stay in the northern most portion of the zone where you see my blue circle on the map above. In this part of the zone you'll find a large amount of snakes, wolves, beetles, spiderlings and undead skeletons. Their levels vary, usually between 1 and 3.

Hang out in this area until you reach level 3, if you get into trouble you can always bring the enemies to the entrance of Neriak and the guards will help you, assuming of course you're a Dark Elf! I recommend that you don't go too far south because the enemies spike up in level real quick.

Just below my blue circle on the map above you'll see a camp marked 'Halflings', next to that you'll see 'Newbie Log' and if you look further south you'll see 'Wizard Spire'. In between these there locations is where the enemies will go up in level. Once you reach level 3 you'll want to move down to this location and hunt here until level 5 or so. There's all sorts of different enemies roaming around this area, soloing will be really easy, just avoid the camps of enemies unless you find a group.

As you level up, keep heading down south further and further until you hit the river. Along the rivers edge you'll find shadow wolves, black mambas and other enemies which are usually level 8. I'd recommend that you hunt these enemies until you reach level 10 as well as either go LFG or try to put together a group in the zone to hunt the Halflings or Orc Camps. They'll be a lot better EXP.

The Halflings and Orcs will take you to level 12 at which point you could hunt the spiders that are just north of the Shadowmen. The spiders here are all level 15 and will be pretty easy if you have a full group. Commonlands is probably a better choice though if you have a group.

Below the spiders are the Shadowmen, they're marked on the map above in the red circle. These guys are in their mid 20s which means if you wanted to hunt them, you'd have to come back to Nektulos Forest once you got higher level. There's a big level gap between the spiders (one of the highest level mobs in the zone) and the Shadowmen (the highest level non-guards in the zone).


Additional Zone Information

- This zone got remodeled at some point during Everquest's history - it isn't the same Nektulos Forest on P99 or that many may remember.

- If you aren't a Dark Elf the fastest way for you to reach Nektulos Forest is through Commonlands. The ZL to Nektulos is found in the north.

- The northern portion of Nektulos Forest is one of the best locations early on in the game to farm Spiderling Silk.

Nektulos Forest Allakhazam Zone Information

Nektulos Forest P99 Zone Information (May be out of date for some things)