Guild Lobby

Too lazy to read and want a video explanation? Click here for my Guild Lobby/Hall Video Guide!

The Guild Lobby, unlike the Guild Hall is accessible without a guild. Like the Guild Hall however the Guild Lobby has a TON of goodies in it. Like the ability to summon your body to it, bank your items and look for a guild. The Guild Lobby is the place where everyone gathers. You'll often be able to find MGB's here (Mega Group Buffs) since buffs don't expire, or count down in this zone.

Let's start with the usual stuff. Bankers can be found on the east and west sides of the guild lobby. South of the banker you'll find my favorite NPC, the vendor/soulstone seller.

The Vendor is pretty straight forward. You can buy and sell your items at him, he sells one very unique amazing item though and that's Soulstones. You can give these soul stones to the priestess of luclin's around the room to bring any bodies you have throughout the world to the lobby.

To make things even easier there is a soulbinder in the Guild Lobby, just for your convenience! If you're new and don't know what a soulbinder does, you hail him then tell him "bind my soul" and when you die you'll return to him.

But that's not all! You can also use the guild recruitment stands in the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest corners to put yourself LFG (Looking for guild) or find a guild that fits your standards.

Near the door leading you to the Guild Hall is Magus Alaria. When you hail her she tells you that she can take you to Nedaria's Landing. From Nedaria's Landing you can get to Natimbi or any of the Wayfayer LDoN camps.

There is only one more thing of interest about the Guild Lobby and that's the door at the very northern end leading to the Guild Hall. Remember, unlike the Guild Lobby you must have a guild to enter the Guild Hall.

The Guild Hall

The Guild Hall is one huge collection of resources in EQ. It's got anything and everything your heart desires. It has a Forge, Oven, Loom, Kiln, Pottery Wheel, Brew Barrel, Bird Bath, Teleporter, Bankers and more! The Guild Hall is literally everything you'd need crammed into one room. The catch is you must be in a guild to use it. No biggie unless you're antisocial!

Let's start with the Bankers and Guild Bankers. Your guild bankers hold anything someone deposits for the guild. Leaders and people specifically set to "Banker" in the guild are allowed to withdraw items. However everyone is allowed to deposit an item. The other bankers are your usual bankers that will handle your unique bank.

Also in the guild hall you have a Bird Bath. The Bird Bath is the nick name for the place you're allowed to remove and put augs onto your armor. To place an aug on your armor simply left click the Bird Bath to bring up a window with two boxes. Then place your aug in the Bird Bath and your piece of armor and click combine. It will work assuming the aug is compatible with your armor which is a whole different story.

To remove an aug from your armor you need to speak with Yenny Werlikanin and buy the proper Distiller to take the aug out. Also since we're in the area right behind Yenny is a Healing Pool. When you stand in the healing pool you will regenerate at an increased rate. Very useful for raising spell skills.

Next up for the Guild Hall is Zeflmin Werlikanin and his porting stones. Zeflmin has a TON of stones that allow you to port all over the world. He is the reason that you'd want a Guild for a Guild Hall. He has twice as many locations that he can port you to as PoK and 90% of them are different. In order to activate the portal you buy the stone from Zeflmin, then give it back to him to. Below is a list of zones that he can port you to;

Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
Wall of Slaughter
Veeshan's Peak
Dragonscale Hills
Barindu, Hanging Gardens
Greater Faydark
Iceclad Ocean
Plane of Hate
Goru'kar Mesa
North Karana
Katta Castrum
Lavastorm Mountains
Stonebrunt Mountains
Toxxulia Forest
The Twilight Sea
The Dreadlands
Guild Standard (Where ever it is placed)
Cobalt Scar
Plane of Air
Plane of Time