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RoS Everquest Guides

           This is the index page for all of my Ring of Scale EQ guides. To make things easier for everyone I have broken apart most of my EQ guides into different sections. They're mostly sorted by expansions that raised the level cap or ones that made a major impact on the game.

           At the top of these sections will be the most useful viewed guides I have written. Following that, further down the page, are the other relevant guides to this era of the game. Any quests that are popular during that era or other 'side activites' that I've written guides for can be found further down this page below the Tradeskill guides.

RoS Leveling Guides

RoS Farming Guides

           I also have a bunch of general purpose Everquest guides that I think you'll find helpful. If you've ever thought about Boxing there's never been a better time to do so as I have complete guides on How to Box in Everquest! Want to learn more about gearing your character and Heroic Stats? Follow the link to my Heroic Stats Guide! Spell Damage - is it any good? Find out more about Spell Damage and why it stinks (pee-yew)! Banestrike?! More like Lamestrike - find out why! Origin, Parcel Vendor, Daybreak Cash? What're those? Get the Inside scoop here.


RoS Alchemy Guide

RoS Baking Guide

RoS Brewing Guide

RoS Fletching Guide

RoS Jewelcrafting Guide

RoS Pottery Guide

RoS Smithing Guide

RoS Spell Research Guide

RoS Tailoring Guide

RoS Tinkering Guide

RoS Poison Making Guide



TBM Group Gear Guide (Best Option for FV Players)










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