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Star Wars: The Old Republic (Swtor) Guides

This page is here to link to almost every single one of my guides for Star Wars: The Old Republic. All of these guides were written within the first 2 years after SWTOR released which means they'll likely be out of date for people currently playing the game. However, if ever a time comes where they do a SWTOR Classic server that re-releases the game then these guides will definitely be relevant for that.


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How To Make 1mil Credits an Hour

Play Swtor With Almar & Get Free Stuff

Getting Started Guides

Advanced Classes Explanation

Dark/Light Side on quests

Ingame Lingo - For those familiar with MMORPGS

MMORPG Ingame Lingo - For those not familiar with MMORPGs (Read if this is your first MMORPG)

SWTOR Icon Key

Bonus Quests

Quick Travel Locations and Taxi Terminals

How To Speed Up Leveling

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List of Planets in Swtor

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Giant list of Swtor Videos

List of All Swtor Datacron Locations

Companions and How They Benefit You


Leveling Guides

Swtor Leveling Guide

Warzone Leveling Guide

Space Battles Guide


Republic Leveling Guide

Republic - Jedi Knight & Consular 1 - 10 (Tython)

Republic - Tropper & Smuggler 1 - 10

Republic - Coruscant 10 - 16

Republic - Taris 16 - 20

Republic - Nar Shaddaa 20 - 24

Republic - Tatooine 24 - 28

Republic - Tatooine Bonus Series (27)28 - 29

Republic - Alderaan 29 - 32

Republic - Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series 31 - 32

Republic - Balmorra 32 - 35

Republic - Balmorra Bonus Series 35 - 36

Republic - Quesh 36 - 37

Republic - Hoth 37 - 40

Republic - Belsavis 41 - 44

Republic - Voss 44 - 47

Republic - Voss Bonus Series 47 - 48

Republic - Corellia 48 - 50

Warzone Leveling Guide


Profession Guides

Guide to Crew Skills Missions

Guide To Companions' Crew Skill Benefits

Running Missions To Gather Materials

Raising Affection With Companions


A Guide To Raising Archaeology

List of All Archaeology Materials

Endgame Materials for Archaeology


A Guide To Raising Bioanalysis

List of All Bioanalysis Materials

Endgame Mateials for Bioanalysis


A Guide To Raising Scavenging

List of All Scavenging Materials

Endgame Materials for Scavenging


A Guide To Profiting From Slicing

Datacron Guides

List of Alderaan Datacrons

List of Balmorra Empire Datacrons

List of Balmorra Republic Datacrons

List of Belsavis Datacrons

List of Corellia Datacrons

List of Coruscant Datacrons

List of Dromund Kaas Datacrons

List of Hutta Datacrons

List of Hoth Datacrons

List of Korriban Datacrons

List of Nar Shaddaa Datacrons

List of Ord Mantell Datacrons

List of Taris Datacrons

List of Tatooine Datacrons

List of Tython Datacrons

List of Ilum Datacrons

List of Voss Datacrons

List of Quesh Datacrons


Farming Guides

Republic Farming Locations

"The Dig" On Balmorra

"Factory Grounds" On Balmorra

Ilum Farming

- Ilum Republic Chest Farming

- Ilum Archaeology Farming

- Ilum Scavenging Farming

- Ilum Bioanalysis Farming

Empire Farming Locations

List of All Imperial Daily Quests

Neutral Farming Locations

How To Make The Best Money In Swtor

"Other" Farming Locations

Lightside Points

Darkside Points

Flashpoint Guides


Crimson Vengeance

Darth Malgus's Space Station

Dorin's Sky

Hammer Station


Maelstrom Prison

Republic Warship Allusis

Taral V

The Black Talon

The Colicoid War Game

The Esseles

The Foundry

The Streets of Cademimu

Zadd Hydroplant


PvP Guides

Leveling Up By Playing Warzones

Almar's Warzone PvP Gear Guide

Almar's Valor Points Guide

How Long Will It Take For Me To Gear Up Through PvP?

Warzone Medal Guide

Ilum "Send Them Running"