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All games can be quite annoying and frustrating when you first start out and you're trying to learn what everything around you is. There are a bunch of weird icons all over the place and half of what is on the mini map or map you can't even understand. Luckily, not only did Bioware figure out a solution to this problem I did as well! When you press "M" in game, which is the default button for your map, it will bring up a list of all the unique icons you will be encountering throughout the game.

That's Bioware's simple fix to this problem. My end of the solution is to take this information and spread it around before the game launches! Here is a picture of all the information you will find located on the map ingame. The very first part of this list are all the extremely common icons you will come across. Further down are the icons for quests (which are called Missions) and then finally at the bottom are all miscellaneous icons.

Swtor Icons

I'd recommend remembering exactly what each of the Mission Icons look like so you know where to find the quests you have on the map and mini map. Besides the Mission Icons there isn't much more that is worth completely memorizing, but knowing exactly what everything looks like won't hurt...