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Quesh Datacron Locations

Strength DatacronStrength +4 Datacron

Coordinates X 550 , Y 163

This Datacron is located in southern Quesh and is one of the easier ones to get to here. To start towards this Datacron head over to where I am in (Screenshots 1 & 2). From here you will want to follow the white rock ledge west until you hit the wall and then south down and around the tree. Now it gets a little bit tricky around where I am in (Screenshot 3). Here you will have a giant rock in your way. What you need to do is skirt around the right side of this rock. If you fall onto the little metal ledge stub-thingy that's ok you can get back up to land from there.

Once you make it by the rock continue south following the white stone and using that as your guide. After you go around a corner and come out to a quarry looking area you will be able to see the Datacron in the very short distance (Screenshot 4).

Cunning DatacronCunning +4 Datacron

Coordinates X 420 , Y -130

What you need to do to reach this Datacron is go to the area north of the Republic base on Quesh (Screenshot 1). Where I am standing on the map in the first screenshot you will find a pipe which you need to climb up ontop of to start the hunt for this Datacron (Screenshot 2). Once you're ontop of the pipe jump up onto the siding like how I am in (Screenshot 3). Now from here you will want to keep jumping in a southwesternly direction from stub to stub until you reach the large yellow pipe (Screenshot 4). In Screenshot 4 I am looking back at the area we just came from, so you don't get confused.

From the pipe you will want to make it to land and then follow the land west until you come to a large drop off area where you can actually see the Datacron (Screenshot 5). From here you will want to drop down and follow the northern end of the fence all the way around until you come to a break in the fence (Screenshot 6). At the break, go through and over to where you saw the Datacron before and bam, you're all done!

Endurance DatacronEndurance +4 Datacron

Coordinates X 200 , 770

This Datacron is located inside a cave in central Quesh (Screenshots 1 & 2) and could be easy or hard to get depending on how you look at it. What this Datacron requires is you to go into the cave, deactivate the ventilation system which causes the room to fill with gas. Once the room fills with gas you need to hit the east and west switches which are on two pillars in the room. After that the force field to the south which the Datacron is behind will be lifted. It's pretty easy, you just have to be semi-fast doing it or you die.

When you turn off the ventilation to the room be sure to be standing where I am in (Screenshot 3) that way you are locked inside the room and able to hit the east and west switches.