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Tython - Levels 1 - 10

As a Republic Jedi the very first quest you get will be a class quest. This quest will require you to take a Speeder to the noobie town (Gnarls Outpost) which is where you will accept the first quest that is available to both Jedi Knights and Consulars. Please keep in mind that while following my leveling guides I will be covering mostly these quests as, like I just mentioned, they're available to all classes rather than just one. Without further ado, let's take a look at the very first quests you will be doing.

Early Lessons

Find the missing Students

The missing Students can be found northeast of the Gnarls Outpost. If you hit "M" they're marked as the little spinny objective thingy on the map. So descriptive I know. If you're new to the game and you're unfamiliar with what a little spiny objective thingy is, check out my Swtor Icons page. Lightside will complete this quest and let you return to town without doing anything more. If you choose Darkside you'll have to kill 10 more Flesh Raiders and destroy 3 of their supplies.

<Class Quest>

The Class quest is different depending on your class... obviously but the Early Lessons quest is the main quest here. While you're doing your class quest you will come across a Flesh Raider cage which gives you a quest available to both classes.

Captured Padawans

Free 6 Captured Padawans

You'll find the Captured Padawans all over the noobie area, just keep an eye out for the bright glowing cages once you've accepted the quest.

After You've Finished

After you've finished all of your quests return to the Gnarls Outpost and turn them all in. By now you should be level 3 at which point you'll want to train all new abilities. Key bind them, pick up the new quests and let's continue.

Quest: Go To The Jedi Temple

This quest has a different name depending on your class but it requires you to go to the Jedi Temple either way. To get there you'll want to follow the road south from the Gnarls Outpost. Where you're going is marked clearly enough on your map, you shouldn't have difficulty finding it. On your way there kill the pure albino (white) flesh raiders. They are part of a bonus mission. (The Flesh Raider Lurkers are the ones I am talking about)


Jedi Temple Quests

Upon arriving at the Jedi Temple the first quest you'll find is from Liam Dentiri. The quest is called...

Combat Leadership: Mark I

Activate and destroy Mark I Droids

For this quest you will need to use a computer terminal at the area around you to summon Mark I droids. Once you've done that you will need to destroy them to complete the quest and then turn it back into Liam Dentiri. After you've done that it's time to do those pesky class quests

<Class Quest>

Do whatever is marked as a"Class Quest" under your missions window until you're finished at the Jedi Temple and get a quest that leads you east to Kalikori Village. Once you're in Kalikori Village grab all available quests and refresh your class quest. Now, let's get started with...


Kalikori Village

The Thousand Steps

Light the First Signal

This quest is extremely easy. All you need to do is follow the path north of Kalikori Village lighting the brazers as you go. You can't miss them they're all along the path and glowing blue. Also while you're on this path be sure to kill any Fleshraiders you see, there is a bonus quest to eliminate them on your way up.

After you finish The Thousand Steps quest head back down through Kalikori Village and out the southeastern end towards the quest area. Next quest you will be doing is...

Lost Pilgrim

Find Tazonthe Ghon's Father

Use the Datapad exactly where the little twirly mission objective symbol is to complete this quest.

Next up...

Strength of the Flesh Raiders

Destroy or Retrieve 5 Elixirs

Depending on if you picked light or dark side you will either need to destroy 5 or collect 5 elixirs. Also while you're doing this quest be sure to do the bonus quest requiring you to kill 15 Fleshraiders.

<Class Quest>

Once you're done the regular quests here you'll want to do your Class Quest. After you're finished your final quest here I recommend Quick Traveling back to Kalikori Village to save some time.

Once you're back in Kalikori Village turn in all of the quests you just completed and fly back to the Jedi Temple with your one Class Quest in hand. Once you land talk to Liam Dentiri again and accept the Combat Leadership: Mark II Droids quest. Do this quest and turn it in before heading into the Jedi Temple to train your new skills. After you've trained your new skills exit the temple and head south, following the path away from the Jedi Temple. You'll run into Master Silvarte whom has your next quest. Accept the quest from him and further south pick up the quest from Padawan Fia. With both quests in hand follow the path to reach the next town.

After talking to Master Till'in in town you'll want to make sure you have "Lovers and Secrets", "The Last Defenders" and your class quest. First up is...

Lovers and Secrets

Speak to Moracen

Really easy quest, all you have to do is speak to the lovers and choose whether or not you want to expose them. I normally expose them just because it saves me some running back up here in the future to collect my Lightsaber Gem but the choice is up to you.

The Last Defenders

Disable and Scan 6 Tythonian Seekers

This quest will be the first quest where you need to use an item from the Mission Items window in your inventory. It's easiest to place this item onto one of your quick bars and use it that way instead of having to open up your inventory each time you want to use it. Also the bonus quest for this mission requires you to kill 15 of the droids in Lower Kaleth. Do both.

After you complete this quest head northeast of Lower Kaleth and accept the quest from the Flesh Raider Backpack.

Flesh Eating Baby

Collect 3 Guid Meat

This quest comes from the Flesh Raider Backpack northeast of Lower Kaleth. You can't miss the backpack as it is right in plain site and the mission symbol is staring you in the face on your minimap. Once you accept the quest continue up the path just a little bit more northeast and kill 3 Guids for enough meat to feed the baby. Once you've collected enough meat return to the Flesh Raider Backpack and update your quest.

Now, time to do the class quest.

<Class Quest>

Now it's time for you to do your class quest.

As you're doing your class quest here I recommend grabbing the Tython Willpower Datacron.

Once you're finished your class quest turn in all other quests. You'll have to do quite a bit of running around but when you're done you'll have quests for the Flesh Raider Territory area southeast of Kalikori Village. Before proceeding you should have the following quests before proceeding: "New Recruit", "Flesh Raider Fact-finding", "Pilgrim Medicine" and your Class Quest. The order you do these quests in doesn't really matter at all, they're all extremely easy to do.

Pilgrim Medicine

Collect 6 Manka Cat Teeth

They come from the cat-like beasts in the area. You'll get 6 of these from just doing the Flesh Raider Fact-finding quest. You won't even have to go out of your way to kill the Mankas.

Flesh Raider Fact-finding

Examine all of the Idols

Really easy quest, like the other two in this area. All you need to do is go to all three of the idols and right click them to examine them. While doing this quest you'll also be collecting all of the Manka Cat Teeth you need for Pilgrim Medicine.

<Class Quest>

Both Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular class quests take place in the same cave. Do this class quest and then head on over to the final quest we got for over here...

New Recruit

Find Viyo's Satchel

Since this is the most out of the way quest of them all it's the last one I recommend you do. Depending on if you pick light or darkside for this quest you may be inconvienced in the future to find this Flesh Raider again. Light you will need to come back to an area nearby, Dark you kill him and you're done with him.

Once you're done all of your quests in the Flesh Raider Territory area return to Kalikori Village and turn them all in. Accept whatever new quest you can get (if there is one, as my Jedi Knight there was only a Class Quest).

<Class Quest>

Everyone has a Class Quest to do now. So... Yeah... Do it!

From here on out all of the quests you will be doing are pretty much class quests. The only non-class quests available are the final Mark I Droid quest in the series which you get at the Jedi Temple, but that comes a bit later and Horranth Control which seems to be unlocked by doing the Mark III Droid Quest. I'll document Horranth Control as one of the final quests for this guide despite it being so easy.

Horranth Control

Kill 3 Horranth Matriarchs

Kill 3 Horranth Patriarchs

Bonus: Smash 10 Horranth Eggs

Just south of where you get the Horranth quest, towards the direction you need to go to reach The Forge you will find both mission objectives for Horranth Control. The Patriarchs that you need to kill are to the west and the Matriarchs are to the east. The eggs that you need to destroy for the bonus quest can be found in either area and glow blue so you really can't even miss them if you tried. After you complete this quest turn it in before you continue to the forge.