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Taris Republic Leveling Guide

Taris is pretty much everyone's least favorite planet but for some odd reason it is my favorite. The post apocalyptic visuals and the really cool Rakghoul storyline interested me more than any other planet in the game. And even if this planet does blow, everyone has to agree that it's 400x better than the craphole that is Coruscant. Taris is a fairly long planet as there is a lot of running around. It's also fairly grindy which I enjoy because it cuts down on the amount of information I have to give in the guide and not only that grind quests require the least amount of thinking!

Anyway, once you arrive on Tarris the first thing you'll want to do is accept the quest from Bardo in the spaceport. After you have that exit the spaceport and accept the other quest from Relus Poh. Once you have that quest head a bit southeast to Urana Kiel and accept the quest she has available. After you have that continue southeast to Governor Saresh and refresh your quest at her. After you talk to Governor Saresh head up north to the Taxi Terminal and grab the Taxi Path.

Now we're reading to leave town. Make sure you have the following quests available to you before you leave town: "Reconstruction Efforts", "Reclaiming What's Ours", "Prized Possessions" and your Class Quest. If you have all those quests you're ready to get started! Head east out of the town area of Taris and kill some Rakghouls to start the first quest which is a long Bonus quest.

Stage 1 - Surface Problems (Bonus)

Defeat 20 Rakghouls

Have this stage complete by the time you finish your class quest later.

Prized Possessions

Retrieve the Digging Tools, Pazaak Decks, Toolbox, Novel Data File and Nadu Seeds

Each of these items can be found around the Overrun Settlement area. Look closely and you'll find them all, they're glowing blue so they're easier to find than you'd think. There is a bonus quest for here too but it's so easy there is no real point in mentioning it... Incase any of these items are hard for you to find I created a list of each of them below and where they are.

Digging Tools - easiest one to find, it's right in the middle of the farm area.

Toolbox - out front of the southeastern most house.

Nadu Seeds - on the back end of the forklift thingy in the eastern end of the farmstead.

Novel Data File - In the northeastern building. You have to kill a gold con to get it.

Pazaak Decks - In the northern most building

Reclaiming What's Ours

Search the Estate

Extremely easy quest, all you have to do is go into the building and talk to the settlers inside. Before going in be sure to do the bonus outside. It requires you to kill 5 Rogue Sentry Droids.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way before we go and do our last two quests.

Reconstruction Efforts

Drop 3 Explosives into Ventilation Shafts

The Ventilation Shafts you need for this quest can be found all around the marked quest area, just look for pipes sticking up from the ground. The tops of them will be glowing blue, right click it to toss an explosive in. While you do this quest make sure you do Stage 2 of the Surface Problem Bonus quest. After you complete stage 2 be sure to do Stage 3 which requires you to kill Skull Eater and grab his claw.

After you defeat Skull Eater and you've completed all of your other quests Quick Travel back to town and turn them all in. Accept any followups to the quests you have before leaving town again. You should have "Wake of the Spire" and your Class Quest available to you now. Head far east following the road to where "Wake of the Spire" gets turned in.


Taris Leveling Guide - Waypoint Station Aurek

Once you arrive at Waypoint Station Aurek turn in your quest and accept all of the available quests. After accepting all of the quests in town you should have "Pirate Medicine", "The Corpse Counters" and "Last Battle of the Endar Spire" available to you. The first quest you will want to do is "The Corpse Counters"

On your way up to the Corpse Counters you will come across Doctor Synoda who has the quest "Legacy of Death" available. Grab that quest before you continue over to Corpse Counters.

The Corpse Counters

Search for the Missing Scientists

The Missing Scientists that you need to find for this quest are inside the tunnel where it shows the marker on the map. You'll complete the quest at a little Datapad by their bodies. Inside and around the tunnel be sure to kill the Rakghouls for the bonus.

Legacy of Death

Activate Emergency Generator 1F, 2F, 3F

You need to go into the Dynamet General Hospital and activate each of the Emergency Generators for this quest. After you activate all three Emergency Generators you will need to download the Medical Records back on the first floor. While you activate all of the Emergency Generators be sure to do the bonus quest.

<Class Quest>

Do this whenever it is nearby one of the quests we're doing at this time.

Pirate Medicine

Search for the Rakghoul Serum

Finding the Serum for this quest is easy, it's marked clearly on your map. The bonus however is a bit more tricky. For stage 1 you need to kill the pirates outside of the Fallenspire Stronghold, Stage 2 you kill them inside and then the final stage the main guy you need to kill is marked clearly for you on your map.

NOTE: Pick Darkside for this at the very end when you go to get the Serum unless you want to go through a lot of unwaranted trouble to get the serum.

Last Battle of the Endar Spire

Investigate the Crash Site

Very easy quest, follow the quest objectives as they appear and you'll be fine. They're all marked plainly on your map.

After you complete all of these quests return to town and turn them all in. Accept the followups and then head northeast to Doctor Synoda and turn in your quest to her. After you turn in your quest to her you should have the following quests ready to be done: "Burial Grounds", "Catalyst" and your Class Quest, which we'll do later. To start we're going to be doing Catalyst


Get infected by a Rakghoul

This is an extremely easy quest, kind of... Head north to where it shows on your map and start killing Rakghouls. The small weak ones won't infect you, the big red ones are the ones you are going to want to be hit by in order to be infected. It seems like you either get infected on your first hit or not at all. This quest is very strange, just kill Rakghouls for awhile and if within 20 minutes you don't get infected abandon the quest and accept it again.

Burial Grounds

Retrieve 6 Blood Samples from Rakghouls

Gather 5 Genetic Materials from Skeletons

The Blood Samples from the Rakghouls is easy, as you could expect they come from the Rakghouls. No real mystery there. The Genetic Material from the Skeleton's is a bit more tricky as they're kind of hard to see in the tall grass. Just look for the glowing blue skeletal bodies. When you see one loot it for the Genetic Material. Once you've gotten all of the materials you will want to return to town.

Back in town you will want to turn in your quest before continuing south to CB-08-4 to turn in the Catalyst quest. Catalyst gets turned in at the very next town we're going to be questing at on Taris. So once you get here and turn in the quest be sure to accept all the other ones that you see and also grab the Taxi Path and the Quick Travel Terminal.


Taris Leveling Guide - Waypoint Station Draay

As always, before you leave town make sure you have the following quests available to you: "Toxic Heirlooms", "Supplies and Demands", "Burnoff" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with the Supplies and Demands quest.

Supplies and Demands

Recover 4 Missing Supplies

You'll want to go southeast to where the quest marker is on your map and gather 4 Missing Supplies from the area. They're large glowing blue crates, you can't miss them. Also while you're here be sure to examine the Faulty Engine for the bonus. It's marked clearly on your map, you can't miss it.

Toxic Heirlooms

Collect 8 Titroxinate Canisters

This quest is simple, you'll find all 8 of the Titroxinate Canisters lying on the ground throughout the Chemworks Factory. Collect 8 of them while doing the other quest below and you're all done for here. On your way to the Chemworks Factory be sure to kill 10 ChemWorks Droids for the bonus.


Destroy 4 Toxic Stockpiles

Very easy quest, each of the Toxic Stockpiles are in the side rooms and they're glowing blue, you can't miss them. There is a bonus to kill 20 Rakghouls tied in with this quest, but it would be almost impossible not to do.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way before returning to town.

Once you're done all of your quests Quick Travel back to town and turn them all in. Accept the only followup "AWOL" and head east out of town activating every beacon for the quest as you go. No real details are needed on this quest as each location is marked so clearly on your map. After you activate all the beason you will need to find the convoy which is just to the southeast of the last beacon. After you do this turn your quest in at the next town.

NOTE: Before doing AWOL as a Jedi Knight you need to do your Class Quest again as it takes place northeast of town.


Taris Leveling Guide - Waypoint Station Morne

Accept all of the quests in town and grab the Quick Travel Terminal as well as the Taxi Path. Before you leave town make sure you have all of the quests in your log and available to you: "Chasing History", "The Archive" and of course your Class Quest. We will be getting started with the quest "Chasing History"

Chasing History

Locate all of the Cairns

This is a very easy quest despite it being extremely annoying. What you need to do for it is run through Transport Station 5 and locate all of the Cairns. You'll be running around in here for quite awhile and killing tons of Rakghouls which is good as the bonus quest tied to this one has you killing a lot of them anyway. The final stage of this bonus quest has you kill a named Rakghoul in Zone Zero which is by the final Cairn.

<Class Quest>

Whenever you go to a Cairn closest to your class quest do it.

The Archive

Explore the Taris Archive

By the end of one of the final Cairns you will find the Taris Archive. You have to take an elevator down to it, do this and talk to the droid to complete your quest.

Once you're done all of your quests in this area Quick Travel back to town and turn them all in. And.... What do you know, we're all done Taris already!

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