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Swtor Farming Locations - Balmorra "The Dig"

Slicing Box

The Dig is the best farming location that stood out to me while leveling up 1 - 50. While leveling here I just couldn't get past the fact that there were dozens upon dozens of nodes all over this place of all different Crew The Dig Farming LocationSkills. It seemed like every corner I turned there was another Slicing node, another Archaeology Mine and some sort of Bioanalysis plant as well as a pile of junk to Scavenge from. The sheer amount of items around here to farm was jaw-dropping.

I spent a lot of time here messing around and farming some while leveling and made a great deal of cash not only from the Slicing nodes right on the spot but also from the items I put on the Auction House later after I was done farming. Since Balmorra is an upper 30s zone most of the materials you gather from here are Grade 3 to Grade 5 materials. Grade 5 being much much more rare than the earlier ones. All of the materials are listed below which you will be finding here, so if you're curious just scroll down to take a look.

As far as I know this location is only available to Republic players to farm, but that's only because I don't know how difficult it is for Empire to get here, if they can get here at all. As an Empire player, if you could get here then this location could possibly be even more profitable for you because you don't even need to worry about killing all the useless mobs that are in your way. Since everything here is an Imperial NPC anyway, you'd fit right in!

That is about all I can think of for this farming location, once again most of your coin will be coming from the Slicing boxes you gather throughout the whole area and selling the other Crew Skill materials once you get to the Auction House. Below is a list of all the materials you will be gathering while at this location on Balmorra. Note: I understand you can't have all four professions at once but I am listing each one of them just because. I haven't found which three work best here, in my opinion any combination of the three works great here. The only one I wouldn't be here without is Slicing.

If you are still having trouble finding this area go to the Balmorra Bonus Series area and head north. You will run through The Dig on your way to the Factory Grounds and also by looking at the Bonus Series area map you should be able to figure out where this is. Here is a map of exactly where the two locations are in the Sundari Flatlands of Balmorra (Bonus Series Area). If you are still having trouble finding it maybe you should reconsider playing Swtor.

Balmorra Farming Locations

Loot From Farming Here

Slicing Credit Boxes Slicing Credit Boxes

Scavenging Grade 3 Materials



Scavenging Grade 4 Materials





Green Crystal Formation
Green Crystal Formation

Archaeology Grade 3 Items

Bondar CrystalBondar Crystal - Power Crystal

Opila CrystalOpila Crystal - Power Crystal

Red Opaque CrystalRed Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Opaque CrystalBlue Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Opaque CrystalGreen Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Prehistoric Artifact FragmentPrehistoric Artifact Fragment

Ancient Artifact FragmentAncient Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 4 Items

Firkrann CrystalFirkrann Crystal - Power Crystal

Red Solid CrystalRed Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Solid CrystalBlue Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Solid CrystalGreen Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Galactic Artifact Fragment Galactic Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 5 Items

Phond CrystalPhond Crystal - Power Crystal

Damind CrystalDamind Crystal - Power Crystal

Green Lucent CrystalGreen Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Lucent CrystalBlue Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Lucent CrystalRed Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Hypertech Artifact FragmentHypertech Artifact Fragment

Alien Artifact FragmentAlien Artifact Fragment

Medicinal Fungus
Medicinal Fungus

Bioanalysis Grade 3 Materials

Hallucinogenic CompoundHallucinogenic Compound

Unknown MicroorganismUnknown Microorganism

Blue GooBlue Goo

Bio-Energy Cell SampleBio-Energy Cell Sample

Medicinal FluidMedicinal Fluid

Bioanalysis Grade 4 Materials

Cosmic Trace ParticleCosmic Trace Particle

Inert VirusInert Virus

Nerve-Damaging ChemicalNerve-Damaging Chemical